The “Colonization” of the United States – Again: The Political Front.

CHEYENNE, WY – By: Captain Frank Tryon, (U.S. Navy Retired) and Anthony J. Sacco, JD.

The United States is currently engaged in defending itself on two fronts against an Islamic offensive aimed at turning our nation into a sharia law colony without firing a shot. The two fronts are the political front and the religious front.

Regarding the battle raging on the Political Front, Janet Levy’s article in American Thinker, October 8, 2017, entitled “Muslim Brotherhood Political Infiltration on Steroids”, is enlightening. She states the following facts:

  1. In 2014, the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) was formed as a political party for Muslims living here and it is the first religious political party in our history.
  2. In 2015, the so-called Justice, Education and Technology Policy Advocacy Center (JetPac) was formed as a public call for Muslims living here to immerse themselves in local politics.
  3. In furtherance of this Islamic offensive, several Muslims have announced their intention of running for public office.

a) Tahirah Amatul-Wadud an Islamic operative, intends to run for governor of the Socialist Republic of Massachusetts.

b) Deedra Abboud is seeking the Democrat nomination to the U.S. Senate in Arizona. She has ties to CAIR, and the Arizona and Muslim American Society. BOTH groups are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, a confirmed terrorist organization.

c) Abdul El-Sayed, is running for governor of Michigan. He has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and is endorsed by Linda Sarsour, an advocate for the Hamas initiative for the boycott, divestment, and sanctioning of Israel. She is the activist who played a major role in pressuring the NYPD to discontinue surveillance of mosques and other Muslim organizations post 9/11, thus shutting down our intelligence eyes and ears to what mosques are doing by way of recruitment of radical Islamics. She is also a close friend of Huma Abedin, who was a very close associate of Hillary Clinton until recently, and who is also connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

d) Nadeem Mazen, following his time as a Cambridge, MA city councilman, announced his plans to run for the Congressional seat in Massachusetts’ 3rd Congressional District. If Muslim tactics have been followed, this District has more than likely been populated by Muslims moving there from other places in the country and from Muslim nations. If elected, he will join two already elected Muslims; Keith Hakim Ellison (D-MN) and Andre Carson (D-IN).

e) Abshir Omar is running for the Des Moins, Iowa city council and if elected, will represent the city’s southwest side, where Muslims have congregated. He is running as a Democrat Socialist, if there is such a thing. Omar is a CAIR official.

It is no secret that the reason all these Muslims are running for office as Democrats is because the leaders of the Democrat Party in this country have wholeheartedly welcomed Islamics, both legal and illegal, with open arms.

It is also no secret that Islamic scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, UNLESS the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences” or “gain the upper-hand over an enemy.” There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being TAQIYYA.  These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

Therefore, it is absolutely amazing that Americans anywhere in the country, but especially our leaders, if informed, should advocate acceptance of or voting for a Muslim candidate for any office. Yet, the American advocacy of “fairness” has apparently been operating in various places, and Muslims are being elected to office by misguided voters, thus assisting the success of this Muslim political offensive, “without firing a shot.”





Dialoging with Muslims? To What End?

3/6/18: CHEYENNE, WY – By Captain Frank Tryon, Jr., (U.S. Navy Retired), and Anthony J. Sacco, JD.

The more we read and study the literature surrounding the Catholic-Muslim dialogue, which is touted as having been authorized by Nostra Aetate, a document of Vatican II back in 1962, the more confused we become.

That dialogue is currently taking place. We cannot find a set of clear goals or expectations to be gained by Christians from this dialogue. As for Muslims? Islam has long entertained the idea of conquering the world for Allah. In fact, they have tried it twice before in History, but were narrowly defeated, at great cost, by the West. They are attempting it again, but this time by non-military means; destruction of Western civilization from within. They call it “Hijrah – the take over of a nation without going to war.

They have learned well from History. And from their Koran. Muslims have learned to divide the world into “dar al Islam” (house of Islam), and “dar al Harb” (house of war). House of Islam means the territories of the world that have accepted sharia law and now live under it. House of War means those countries that have not accepted sharia law.

In Great Britain, the Islamic tactic is far along; eight of the largest cities in that nation are now controlled by England’s four million Muslims. That’s four million people out of a population of approximately sixty-six million. That was accomplished with the inadvertent help of the European Union’s Open Borders policy. No wonder the people of Great Britain are now attempting to get their leaders to withdraw England from that organization.

Here in the United States, the Islamic tactic is slowly succeeding. America is a target, and there are already numerous cities here where Islamic and sharia victories have taken place.  One needs only to drive through the state of Michigan to confirm that for oneself. And as regards terrorism, in the past twenty years every instance of terrorism except one – the one in Oklahoma – has been carried out by Muslims

The Islamic and Christian worldviews are very different. So our questions are these: how can these dialogues bring our two worldviews closer together? And, if our leaders understood Islam and sharia law better, why would they want to?

Certainly, many Catholic Christians have already accomplished an understanding of the evil of Islam. It’s time our leaders caught up.

The Catholic Church and Dialoging with Non-Christian Religions – Specifically, Islam.


2/28/18 – CHEYENNE, WY: Captain Frank H. Tryon, Jr., U.S. Navy Retired.

Leaders of the Catholic Church claim that in 1965, the Vatican II document “Nostra Aetate” (Latin for In our Time) gave the Church the authority to conduct dialogues with non-Christian religions and “urges its members to enter with prudence and charity into discussion and collaboration with members of other religions.” [1] This document of Vatican II was formulated and aimed at beginning a dialogue between Christianity and Judaism, to eliminate anti-Semitism in any of its many forms.

But how can discussions between Christians and Islamics be prudent when “like most Americans, the Bishops know almost nothing about Islam?  Therefore, they don’t understand the context in which their Muslim interlocutors are speaking.  As a result, they engage in mirror imaging, i.e., understanding Muslims as the good bishops understand themselves.”[2]

Additionally, what justification can be offered by the Church for dialoguing with front organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most fundamental and violent organizations in the world?  That organization, founded in 1928 in Cairo, Egypt,  has been listed as a terror organization on the U.S. Terror List for years, and, because of its use of violence to accomplish its objectives, has been outlawed by at least one other government, the government of Egypt.

The Brotherhood’s stated goal is . . . “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”[3]

To say that this (attempting a dialogue with Muslims) is delusional thinking is understating the significance of what we are opening ourselves to.

[1] Undated document from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

[2] Reilly, Robert, The Catholic Thing, “The muddled Catholic-Muslim ‘Dialogue”

[3] Center for Security Policy: Muslim Brotherhood’s 1991 Explanatory Memorandum, The General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America: “Unlike in the Middle East, where HAMAS’ Gaza operation confronts Israel kinetically and constantly, inside the U.S., the preferred method thus far has been “civilization jihad” – the stealthy, subversive use of infiltration, subversion and deception to pursue the destruction of the pillars of American society ‘from within.’ By posing as ‘moderate’ Islamic alternatives to the vicious violence of the likes of al Qaeda, the Islamic State or Taliban, the U.S. Brotherhood front groups have enjoyed remarkable success in advancing this agenda.”

Building Bridges to Nowhere: The Futility of an Interfaith Dialogue With Islam.

NOTE: Recently, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle carried an article which is extremely important to Christian Wyomingites. The article is an excellent example of the wishful thinking displayed by liberals, both in the local Catholic Church and in the local media, and it spotlights the futility of an interfaith dialogue between leaders of the Christian religion and the Islamic religion. In his second article for this blog, Frank Tryon explains why.

2/23/18: CHEYENNE, WY – Captain Frank H. Tryon, U.S. Navy, Retired: On Sunday, February 11, 2018, there appeared in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle an article entitled “Cheyenne Catholics and Muslims learn faiths are not so different.” Will there be some kind of article or report to the congregations of our local religious groups summarizing the results of these hitherto relatively quiet meetings?

The following website contains a four-page table of theological/doctrinal comparison between Christianity and Islam. I have included  a sample of the chart just to pique your interest and hope that you will be interested enough to visit that site and view the entire chart. But here is just one statement from it: “Although Islam and Christianity seem to have certain points of doctrine in common, there is an enormous difference between them, not only in beliefs about salvation, forgiveness and Jesus Christ but in many other areas affecting daily life, human behavior and attitudes.”

I have included a sample of the chart just to pique your interest and hope that you will be interested enough to visit that site and view the entire chart.

Term Christianity Islam
Date Founded Approx. 30 AD (CE) 622 AD (CE)
Founders, Leaders Jesus, Peter, Paul Muhammad
Where Founded Palestine (Israel) Arabian Peninsula
Major Branches Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant Sunni, Shiite
Bible The inspired and inerrant word of God. (2 Tim. 3:16). Consists of Hebrew scriptures of Judaism (Old Testament); and later writings recording the lives and teachings of Jesus and his followers (New Testament). Respected word of the prophets but the Bible has been corrupted through the centuries and is only correct in so far as it agrees with the Koran. (3:78)
Koran (Qur’an) The work of Muhammad. It is not inspired, nor is it scripture. There is no verification for its accurate transmission from the originals. The final revelation of God to all of mankind given through the archangel Gabriel to Muhammad over a 23 year period. It is without error and guarded from error by Allah. Accepts the Christian Bible (2:136, 4:163, 10:94)
Basic Doctrine Creed (Apostle’s or Nicene – One God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). We are sinners, but God loves us, Jesus died for us; believe in him and you are saved. (John 3:16) Six Articles of Faith (No God but Allah, angels, sacred books (Torah, Psalms, New Testament, Koran), prophets, day of judgement, Allah’s predestination
Major Sacred Rituals or Practices Baptism, Communion (Eucharist) Five Pillars: prayer, pilgrimage to Mecca, fasting, confession of faith, almsgiving and charity (to Muslims only)
Religious Law or Commands Ten Commandments (Ex 20:1-17), Greatest commandment (love God, love others – Mark 12:29-31), Great commission (make disciples of all nations, baptize them, teach them. – Matt 28:19-20) Sharia (Islamic Law) regulates every aspect of a Muslim’s devotional and personal life as well as the governing of Islamic nations. Also specifies harsh punishments for crimes

 While this chart does make explicit some theological/doctrinal similarities and differences, it does not come close to examining the political and religiously fundamental aspects of Islam’s penetration of our country.  To the best of my knowledge, neither did the group of Muslims and Christians who met in Cheyenne, and whose efforts were described in the article referenced above.  Some questions that could have been asked, but probably weren’t are:  Who funds the Cheyenne Islamic Center and Mosque?  What Muslim organizations are associated with the Cheyenne Islamic Center and Mosque?  What Muslim organizations receive monetary support from the Cheyenne Islamic Center and Mosque?

These questions are important because there is so much more to Islam than simply the religious and doctrinal aspects that were presumably addressed in the meetings described in the article.  And in light of the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial and list of approximately twenty-nine Islamic organizational and approximately three hundred (300) Islamic individual leaders of Islamic organizations it is important to know if we are knowingly or unknowingly supporting HAMAS or similar terrorist organizations.

Once again I commend to your reading  “An Explanatory Memorandum On The General Strategic Goal For The Group In North America” This document lays out the strategic actions that the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States has taken, is taking, or will take to infiltrate American institutions and destroy the United States from within.

And also for your reading enjoyment In the September 25, 2017 issue of Crisis Magazine (also available on the web, under its’ title), William Kilpatrick wrote an article entitled “The Normalization of Delusional Thinking” in which he says: “The textual, historical, and statistical evidence that Islam is an aggressive religion is overwhelming, but very few are will to look at it.  On the one side, you have a ton of had evidence, and on the other side, you have ten megatons of wishful thinking, priests, prime ministers, and Hollywood celebrities assuring us that Islam is more peaceful than Christianity, more feminist than Gloria Steinem, and more caring than the Red Cross.”










The Senate is Now Debating Immigration: Mr. Trump’s Four Pillars Approach is Popular Among the People.

CHEYENNE, WY – 2/15/18 – The Florida shooting has muted news that the Senate has begun debating immigration. President Trump has been clear about what he wants to see in an immigration bill in order for him to sign it. He calls his points the “four pillars.”

One: Mr. Trump wants funding for the border wall. Two: he wants an end to the “diversity lottery.” Three: he wants to end chain migration. These three “pillars” have much support from among Conservatives and other common sense citizens of our nation  who understand that these have been destructive and must be eliminated.

The fourth pillar: President Trump wants Congress to come up with a DACA fix to provide a path to citizenship for 1.8 million children brought here illegally. This one is not so popular among Trump supporters such as Ted Cruz (R-TX), but the fact that the President must give a little something in order to get the bulk of what he wants from Congress, is understood by many.

As I said above, the Senate is now debating immigration. But instead of working toward what the president wants, a group of centrists calling themselves the Common Sense Coalition, has come up with a bill that ignores Mr. Trump’s pillars. It doesn’t end chain migration or the oft-abused diversity lottery.

Recall that we’ve been down this road before. Under George H. W. Bush, popularly known as “Bush 43,” the so-called Gang of Eight, which included media darling Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY), and, I think, Senator Lindsey Graham, (R-SC), came up with an immigration bill so bad that the House refused to even vote on it.

Present polling data reflects that 70% of American voters want immigration fixed. They don’t exactly know how they want it done, but polls taken right after the President’s State of the Union address revealed overwhelming support for Mr. Trump’s approach.

Guess what? If Senate liberal leftists  and other delusional members of Congress stay on this path to failure there will not be a sensible immigration bill or a DACA fix. And they’ll deserve all the blame that can be heaped on them for failing the United States once again.

There are almost seven billion people living on this blue planet. Most, if not all of them, if given the opportunity, would opt to come to the United States. I guess, liberal Democrats, leftists, communist, socialists, progressives, and a few other “know nothings” such as the anti-sovereignty and the anti-borders crowds would like the chaos that would ensue.

The U.S. Bishops’ Christian-Muslim Dialogue – The Interfaith Delusion!

NOTE: In his first post to, Frank Tryon voices his concern about the Bishops of the United States Catholic Church dialoging with various organizations of the Islamic religion. He believes that this is something about which we Christians should all be aware.

2/15/18 – CHEYENNE, WY: Frank Tryon. 

Recently I became aware of an apparently long running dialogue between the Catholic Church and representatives of the Islamic faith.  This dialogue is occurring at the Papacy level, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops level, and most recently at one of the local Catholic Parish’s level. 

I am concerned by this because, although I am no expert on the Islamic faith, I do know Islam is more than a religion.  It is also an expansionist, political, and military movement.  As such, the representatives of the Catholic Church who are participating in these various levels of dialogue should be very well-trained and educated in the theology of Islam.  They should also be knowledgeable about the activities of the organizations that represent the Islamic faith.

Along the lines of Muslim activities in the United States, one finds a multitude of Islamic organizations that range from children’s groups to college level student associations.  One that caught my eye however, was the Holy Lands Foundation for Relief and Development.  Ostensibly, this was a charity to provide support and relief to those in need in the Middle East.  In July 2007, seven leaders of this organization were put on trial for providing material and support to a foreign terrorist organization (HAMAS), money laundering, and violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.  As this trial progressed the names of some three hundred individuals (all associated with Muslim Brotherhood front organizations here in the United States) were made public, and were named as unindicted co-conspirators.  Additionally some 29 Muslim Brotherhood front organizations were also named that shared the goal of dismantling U.S. institutions and turning the United States into a Muslim nation, under Sharia Law.  Two of these organizations are the Islamic Society of North America and the Islamic Circle of North America. 

The Mid-Atlantic Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims is partnered with The Islamic Circle of North America, and the Midwest Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims is partnered with the Islamic Society of North America.  As I said above, these are front organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.  This is significant because a document entitled “An Explanatory Memorandum On The General Strategic Goal For The Group In North America” was discovered in the course of the above trial.  This document lays out the strategic actions that the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States has taken, is taking, or will take to infiltrate American institutions and destroy the United States from within.  This document is available on the internet and may be found by searching using the highlighted title.  And the Catholic Church is dialoguing with these organizations.

In the September 25, 2017 issue of Crisis Magazine (also available on the web, under its’ title), William Kilpatrick wrote an article entitled “The Normalization of Delusional Thinking” in which he says:

‘The textual, historical, and statistical evidence that Islam is an aggressive religion is overwhelming, but very few are willing to look at it.  On the one side, you have a ton of hard evidence, and on the other side, you have ten megatons of wishful thinking, priests, prime ministers, and Hollywood celebrities assuring us that Islam is more peaceful than Christianity, more feminist than Gloria Steinem, and more caring than the Red Cross.”

Please find and read these documents – they are important.

Introducing Frank H. Tryon. You’re Gonna Love Him.

Cheyenne, WY: February 12, 2018 – Yes, you read the name right. But he’s no relation to Tom Tryon, the American film and television actor who played the lead role in The Cardinal, had a supporting role opposite John Wayne in In Harm’s Way, and appeared in an important part in The Longest Day.

This is Frank Tryon, and, in his own way, he is every bit as colorful – and as talented. This guy is an Irish Catholic, a former U.S. Navy SEA captain, now retired and living in Cheyenne, Wyoming after serving in the Navy for twenty-nine years, commanding four ships and three shore stations. With pride, he says he was “privileged” to serve in 692/710 Class Destroyers, a Patrol Gunboat, an LST, a Minesweeper, a Guided Missile Frigate, and an Amphibious Assault Ship.

Frank holds an MA in International Relations from the University of Southern California. Later, he also graduated from The Navy War College, The National War College, and completed sixty-two hours of post Masters work at the University of Nebraska. He has held the Chair of Naval Warfare at the National War College, and later the Chair of Naval Science at the University of Nebraska.

He has served all over the world, most notably in Viet Nam, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Operation Provide Comfort.

Captain Tryon will contribute occasional articles, and I feel sure he will bring a degree of expertise and a perspective to foreign and military policy that you will enjoy.