The Two Major Causes for the Increased Intensity of Fires in our Nation’s Forests Explained.


By: Anthony J (Tony) Sacco, Sr., JD (An update of this article was provided by the  author on July 21, 2020).

11/16/18. Cheyenne, WY – On Tuesday, 11/12/18, my local newspaper published an article on its Opinion Page. The publisher loves to do that. The article quoted the L. A. Times. The Publisher loves to do that, too. Our local paper is wildly liberal. So is the L.A. Times.

But that L.A. Times article was a misleading account of the causes of the California fires that were, at the time, burning hundreds of acres of prime forest land in that state. The article sought to deflect the blame for the sad state of affairs in that state away from radical environmentalist and erroneous liberal federal forest management policies. This is the unfortunate result.

Forest Fire

In fact, there are two important reasons for the increased destruction being wreaked by recent forest fires:

  •  Failure to thin standing trees by cutting and removing dead or dying timber, especially diseased trees killed by the Pine Bark Beetle.
  • Failure to remove downed timber felled by disease, wind, lightning strikes, and age.

This is gross mismanagement of our forests. Not recognizing the harm done by failing to correct these two policies results in the presence of huge amounts of fuel for fires. The cost to our nation is enormous, especially in terms of lost lumber, which causes the cost of materials used for the construction of homes to skyrocket, and in terms of wildlife. Elk, deer, antelope, raccoons, rabbits, grouse and pheasants must seek to avoid death by attempting to outrun the flames. Eventually, they have no where to run, and death ensues.

But the article does  manage to provide its readers with the liberal’s ignorant, mandatory criticism of President Trump. His excellent tweet points to one of the main causes, as I have: “gross mismanagement” of forests generally and California’s forests specifically.

Image result for photos of donald trump

          The L.A. Times article headline reflects an amazing example of a do-nothing approach to their problem. It states , “California fires will happen again. Let’s Be Ready.” But it says nothing about just how the state should “be ready.” It does not address the two main causes for the increasingly destructive forest fires in their state and in the country. Instead, it seeks to obfuscate, confuse, and gain sympathy with this: “The scope of human suffering is beyond ready comprehension.” Well, maybe it is – at least to the editors of the L.A. Times – who don’t seem to be seeking knowledge and understanding of this problem, as President Trump’s tweets suggest they should.

        Photo of California Fire    Just the results of these two failed policies provide fuel for fires caused by everything from lightning strikes to unattended campfires. In pointing to these, I am NOT referring to clearcutting. AND both the President and I are NOT addressing fires on grasslands, which can be spread quickly by proximity to forest fires, by drought, by lightning strikes, and other causes.

         These forestry problems have been addressed and changed in several states. One example is South Dakota, which has few if any annual forest fires because it sends crews into the forests to cut and remove dead and downed timber, thus eliminating much of the fuel a fire needs, in order to burn.

Until these forestry problems  are addressed nationwide, forest fires will continue to intensify, not just in California but in other states as well. And the cost to one of our nation’s resources and to one of our nation’s industries, and ultimately to our nation’s people, will continue to be astronomical.


Salvatore Guytano Vitale and Salvatore (NMI) Vitale; They are not the same person.

By: Anthony J. Sacco, Sr., JD

On Tuesday, October 16, 1917, Nicola Vitale, and his wife, Rosaria, Moscaritolo Vitale, gave birth to Salvatore Guytano Vitale, at their home on Emmett Place, East Boston. That’s what the boy’s Birth Certificate says. Later, Nicola and Rosaria purchased a three-story apartment building on the corner of Ford & Breed Streets, Orient Heights, and the family moved there.

Thirty years later, on September 22, 1947, Giuseppe Vitale and his wife, Lilli Vitale, brought a child named Salvatore (NMI) Vitale into the world in Maspeth, Queens, New York City.

The boy named Guytano, or simply “Guy” grew up to be a healthy young man with interests in baseball and football; a star in both sports during high school, who quarterbacked the East Boston football team for two years, and who cracked the East Boston Baseball team as a freshman, and became a regular in the starting lineup for four years, while hitting .623 in his senior year.

In March 1941, Guy was drafted into the Army. He served four years with the 311th Infantry Regiment, completing his military service with the Army of Occupation in Berlin. After that, Guy moved to Washington, D.C., took a job with the Library of Congress, and was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency’s fore runner organization, the Office of Strategic Services.

This boy, nicknamed “Good Looking Sal,” had an older sister named Josephine. In 1960, Josephine married Joseph Massino, future boss of the Bonanno Mafia family. At that time, Massino became a “surrogate big brother” to his brother-in-law, Salvatore.

Salvatore graduated from Grover Cleveland High School, Ridgewood, N.Y., entered the U.S. Military and was trained as a paratrooper. He was discharged in 1968, and worked briefly as a New York State Department of Corrections officer, in Queens. Not long after, he approached Massino and was soon involved in burglaries and transport truck hijacking, which led to employment as a murderer.

At their birth, there was 212 miles of distance and 30 years of time between them. Growing up, they were never in contact and never knew each other; in short, THEY WERE NOT THE SAME PERSON.

I hope this brief biographical information about the two Vitale’s will serve to do away with any confusion that may have arisen over the years, that they may have been the same person.

Do Democrats Really Believe Biden is Winning?

The following story is brought to you courtesy of American Thinker. Click the link to visit their page and see more stories.

NOTE: This article was chosen for publication here, in order to preserve what it has to say, and make what it says available to the general public, by Anthony Joseph Sacco, Sr., a practicing lawyer for a quarter of a century, and author of the books listed below.

Once it was the “big lie.” Now it is many little lies — riots are peaceful; he is she is they; Biden is not doddering; Trump will steal 2020. Told often enough and given enough time, little lies become truth.

Today we live in the “age of lies” told to steal an election in November and control a populace who refuses to do as they are told. All Americans should stop at least once before Election Day and take a hard look at the Democrat candidate, “King of Aphasia” Joe Biden. When they do, they will understand what the left is planning.

Ignore his 47 years in elected office without accomplishment, save for the 1994 Crime Bill, which he has since disavowed. Ignore that, as Robert Gates, former defense secretary under Obama, said, he has been wrong on every foreign policy issue facing the United States in the last 40 years. Dismiss the serial corruption of his family as they traded on his political office to become wealthy. Ignore the gaffes and the serial plagiarism. Ignore his long association with politicians associated with the Ku Klux Klan. Ignore his penchant for the unwanted touching of women and children and his creepy fondness for the smell of their hair.

Concentrate on the man and who he is today. Look at the comparison of the Joe Biden who debated Paul Ryan in 2012 with the Biden of today, hoping to trade his basement for the White House cellar. His mumbling and the many times he seems lost even when reading prepared answers off a teleprompter to prearranged questions from reporters pre-picked by his staff should force even the casual observer to admit he has lost much more than a step.

His mental decline from even just a few years ago is pronounced. He did, after all, undergo not one, but two brain surgeries in his life. The blank stares and when he loses his train of thought halfway through sentences along with the bouts of anger and his spontaneous streams of logorrheic gibberish show he is losing the battle to maintain his mental acuity.

What serious voter would pick this man for the most important job on Earth? Who sincerely believes that a man who is losing his faculties should be put in a position where he might control the fate of humanity?

No, in a normal world, the media would have already dispensed with moldering Joe. Yet today, the left controls the Democratic Party, corporate media, social media, Big Tech, and the bureaucracy — and Biden is their candidate. A candidate like Joe, who in a fair and free election would lose by a landslide regardless, of his opponent, combined with the fact that they genuinely believe they deserve the reins of power and thus Trump is illegitimate, makes their coming coup not only predictable, but also inevitable.

The Democrat-media claque have soiled themselves with the soul-staining perfidy of their onanistic pursuit of total and everlasting control of everything in a “fundamentally transformed” United States of America. Constructing a nationwide virtual echo chamber, they have convinced themselves that the “tired old man they elected [their] king” is not only worthy of the presidency, but also actually in the lead in the two-way race for America’s executive office.

They seek to create a belief in people that Biden is not only winning, but way ahead because when Trump wins by a landslide on the evening of November 3, they will be justified in deploying their 1,000-lawyer legal team to prevent his win through lawfare while party hacks work in the days and weeks following Election Day to create or find enough ballots to steal Trump’s victory.

All this while, Antifa and Black Lives Matter soldiers take to the streets as the “voice of the people” in “organic” riots as they strive to impose the “will of the people” to overthrow a duly re-elected Trump.

Those on the left have convinced themselves that if not for Trump, we would be living in a nation they would diligently be making perfect. Yet Trump is incidental. Leftists have been walking down this path for a long time, and the Obama presidency was the ego boost they needed to progress from theory to action, allowing them to believe that any victory not won by the left must be outright theft and therefore should justifiably be fought and reversed.

They need people to think Biden was robbed. They must convince voters that Trump stole the election. It is the same strategy they used with Hillary but failed. With the benefit of hindsight and almost four years of planning, they have marshaled their forces and are determined to succeed this time.

There is no more honest polling. Biden will always be winning, no matter how bad he is really losing. There are no more unbiased media figures. Talking heads between now and November will constantly explain to people just how much of a guaranteed bet Biden is to win the presidency. When he loses, they will call for, and help organize, the “rebellion.” Google will skew search results, and Twitter, always willing to censor conservatives, will suspend Trump’s account because that is how he bypasses the left and talks directly to Americans. Facebook will follow suit. Trump must not be allowed to speak to the people, lest he speak the truth.

Democrats are all in on stealing this election. For them to succeed, they need to make people believe that Trump, when he wins, has stolen it first.

Americans do not have to allow this. People need to organize and confront the Democrat-Antifa-BLM tough guys trying to suppress Republican voters at the polls and give Trump a resounding victory. He must win the majority vote and the Electoral College by margins that make the election impossible for the left to steal and give the president a mandate to confront the rioters who will surely surge to violence and destruction to depose the president in the aftermath.

America is the greatest, most successful nation ever to have existed. It is a republic, and only Americans can do what needs to be done to keep it.



The President, The Attorney General and Kenosha.

See the source image

By: Anthony Joseph Sacco 9/3/20 – Catawba, North Carolina

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, President Donald Trump jumped on Air Force I and flew to Kenosha, a small, relatively unimportant city in Wisconsin. There’s nothing unimportant about the State of Wisconsin, however, which aside from its reputation as a foremost producer of cheese in the United States, is also known as a “battleground” state for presidential elections like the one coming up in November. Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are the other members of that famous foursome. There are a few others: Arizona, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Ohio, and Nevada have recently been added to the list.

Joining President Trump on his quick trip to Kenosha was Attorney General Bill Barr, now on the Democrat’s hit list, AND their hate list, for what they feel are transgressions involving the Flynn case, who did not mince words about mounting an aggressive federal response to the violence causing massive destruction around the country. Leftists don’t like THAT, either. The AG asserted that “radicals” are crossing state lines and “planning and carrying out coordinated attacks on law enforcement.” Democrats, socialists, communists, progressives, and other liberals assert, daily, that the demonstrations going on are “peaceful” despite evidence to the contrary shown on nightly news, of numerous buildings burning, crowds smashing store windows, burning parked vehicles, and attacking police.

But with sixty days left to go, polls show President Trump’s campaign closing the gap in all of these states. Particularly possible to flip to Republicans and Mr. Trump are Pennsylvania, which has a lot to lose in terms of coal mining jobs, and whose oil industry will be a Democrat target if Biden wins, and Minnesota, the huge northern portion of which has been strongly Republican for years due to its logging and lumbering industries, now under attack from Democrats. The President needs only to win one of the famous foursome to win the election, but it looks like he could win two. His Campaign recently announced that it has 2.1 million volunteers in these states, going door to door in support of their “ground game.”

If President Trump wins two of these states and holds onto the other states he won in 2016, he will win the election, both the popular vote and the electoral college.

More on this later

Communist Goals for the Takeover of the United States from Within.

By” Anthony J. Sacco, and Cleon Skousen.

7/21/20. Catawba, NC – In the early 1960s during the height of the Red Scare, Cleon Skousen released a shocking book, “The Naked Communist.” His book, which described some 45 Communist “goals,” was used as a reference for the CIA, the FBI, and the White House. Cleon Skousen was an FBI agent, and an adviser to presidents and universities about the dangers of Communist infiltration into our institutions.

In his book Skousen said “Communists possess the fortitude and knowledge to slowly reengineer society.” Is this what we see happening in the United States of America today? It now seems that Mr. Skousen was prophetic, especially if you compare the list of the Communists Goals to take over America and the eerie similarity between these goals and the events unfolding within society today.

Here are a few of the goals Skousen outlined in his book:

Goal #22 – Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

#30– Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

#31- Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

Sound familiar? We have seen many historical statues being torn down or vandalized in many states over the past few weeks by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other Pro-Communist groups. We have also seen statues and murals of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and other historically significant statues torn down and defaced by communists mobs all over America with the justification that these founders were considered “oppressive and racists”.

It certainly appears that these actions line up perfectly with Communists Goals and Marxists like Karl Marx.

Karl Marx himself stated “Keep people from their history, and they are easily controlled.” Is this exactly what we are seeing today? It seems like history is repeating itself, didn’t Adolph Hitler do the same to Germany?

Karl Marx’s goals included destroying the family, private property rights, and religion. If communists destroyed these pillars of America, then they can destroy our nation.

Its no coincidence that Marx goals line up perfectly with the Communists goal #s;

#24,  Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

#25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV. #26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

#27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.” #28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.” #29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis. #40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. #41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

As you can see these goals have been implemented and successful in our society for many years. Which goes to show the long-term strategy and successful implementation of the communist goals.

We have also heard and seen the recent battle cry of the Communists demand to “defund the police”, not to mention that Black Live Matter and Antifa have also set up several Autonomous zones in cities across America. These groups are clearly dismissing and advocating that we should disregard the rule of law. When you no longer have law enforcement, you no longer have the rule of law, and chaos follows. Is this about “justice” or is this a coordinated and intentional effort to implement these goals to destroy our Constitutional Republic?

Communists Goal# 33  Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

#35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

In a 2003 interview with New York Magazine, James Comey said, “before voting for Jimmy Carter in 1980, he’d been a communist.” He admitted, “I’d moved from communist to whatever I am now.” John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director, was a communist, or at least had voted for the Communist Party. Just a little bit of research and we find out that under Obama, the CIA director, and the FBI director both had histories of, not just flirtation, but serious immersion into communism. And like the KGB always said, “No one ever leaves the KGB.” Nobody ever leaves this way of thinking”.

# 38 Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

Again, is it a coincidence that Police Officers in California, New Mexico, Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, and many other states have been replaced by “social workers” when responding to police calls?

# 17, 18, 19 & 42, The communist goals are to infiltrate our school systems as well. This has happened in the United States for decades. This is one of the reasons we see college age and younger adults committing acts of violence and riots in the streets.

#17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

#18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

#19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

#42 –  Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

There is no doubt that the Communists organizations in the United States today have been and continue to implement their agenda. The 45 Communists goals are a clear guidebook used by communist to attack our Constitutional Republic.

So, the question is what are you going to do about it? Are you ready to get engaged and help stop this? Are you prepared to fight for the Republic? Visit website and contact us about what you can do in your local area to fight these threats.

Of This and That . . .

7/16/20 – “We are locked in a battle for the heart and soul of our country. This is no longer a dispute between two parties or movements that broadly share the same goals but merely disagree on how best to achieve those goals. This is battle over diametrically opposed worldviews, informed by different values and different notions about the very meaning of America.” Gary Bauer.

7/16/20 – THIS advice sounds as good as any I’ve heard from the White House Health Team: “Shutting down indoor bars and getting almost everyone to wear masks in public is really as good as shutting it down and will help stop the surging coronavirus outbreaks across the country,” a top White House health official said Thursday.
I DO know one thing: If people keep drawing away from President Trump because they have been brainwashed into believing he has mishandled the Corona Virus, we will lose our country to the evil forces of Democrats, Progressives, Communists and Socialists. We need to unite with him and his Republican team to defeat the influences coming from these sources.
7/15/20 – David Lewis, a linebacker who played for the Buccaneers, Chargers and Rams and made the Pro Bowl in 1980, has died at the age of 65. An All-Pac-10 linebacker at USC, Lewis was chosen by the Buccaneers with the first pick in the second round of the 1977 NFL draft. Although the Bucs were the worst team in football at the time Lewis arrived, he was part of a major turnaround that saw them make the playoffs in 1979. Lewis was traded to the Chargers in 1982 and finished his career with the Rams in 1983. After retiring from playing football, Lewis became a coach in Tampa, FL, at the Tampa Catholic High School for many years. Former Buccaneers teammate Richard Wood said it was as a high school coach where Lewis left his most lasting legacy. “I just think of a joyous, happy man who enjoyed life and did so much for so many — so many — young men and people that he touched in his life,” Wood told the Tampa Bay Times. “He touched so many young men’s lives, and not just guys who played with him like myself.”
7/15/20 – When she’s not calling the president and his allies “criminals who should be jailed,” Maxine Waters (D-CA) was the leader of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theories. Just two months ago, Waters vowed on MSNBC that she will continue going after President Trump since she feels he “colluded with the Russian government,” despite two and a half years and millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars spent for an all-out investigation by Democrat sponsored Robert Mueller.
Even when she knows there’s no evidence of collusion or obstruction, Waters is still trying to push her impeachment pipe dream. As the single most important source of helpful information for the President and the Republicans, Waters has been lying and spreading false information to her supporters for years, and it will likely backfire on her and Democrats in the 2020 election.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ventilators.

By: Anthony J. Sacco                                                                                                                 7/1/7/20. Catawba, North Carolina

Have a question about ventilators? President Trump recently responded to the worldwide need for them by announcing that certain auto manufacturers in the United States had converted their assembly lines from producing cars and trucks to producing ventilators, and 100,000 had been produced in one month and shipped to places they were needed.

In one month . . .  Now there’s a manufacturing marvel. Reminds me of the many manufacturing marvels this nation accomplished during World War II.

But some are still asking: Why Do You Need a Ventilator? Here’s the answer. When your lungs inhale and exhale air normally, they take in oxygen your cells need to survive and expel carbon dioxide. COVID-19 can inflame your airways​​​​​​​ and essentially drown your lungs in fluids. A ventilator mechanically helps pump oxygen into your body. The air flows through a tube that goes in your mouth and down your windpipe. The ventilator also may breathe out for you, or you may do it on your own. The ventilator can be set to take a certain number of breaths for you per minute. Your doctor also may decide to program the ventilator to kick in when you need help. In this case, the machine will blow air into your lungs automatically if you haven’t taken a breath in a set amount of time.

The breathing tube may be uncomfortable. While it’s hooked up, you can’t eat or talk. Some people on ventilators may not be able to eat and drink normally. If so, you’ll need to get your nutrients through an IV, which is inserted with a needle into one of your veins.

How long do you need a ventilator? That depends. A ventilator doesn’t cure COVID-19 or other illnesses that cause your breathing problem. It helps you survive until you get better and your lungs can work on their own. When your doctor thinks you are well enough, they will test your breathing. The ventilator stays connected but set so that you can try to breathe on your own. When you breathe normally, the tubes will be removed and the ventilator will be turned off. Share this, please, so lots of people will get this information.

Thanks and God bless.

2020 is Half Over. Republicans Must Up Their Game for the November Election, to Keep Democrats From Winning Even One of the Sources of Power.

By: Anthony J. Sacco.
Catawba, NC. 7/5/20
          The good news? that 2020 is half over. The bad news? that 2020 is half over.
          And the liberal media has, for certain, ganged up on President Trump and Republicans, nationally. And, up to this point in 2020, neither Mr. Trump nor his present team of Republican leaders seem to know what to do to stop them, nor even to counter them.
          At stake is the House of Representatives, which, if it remains in Democrat hands, will continue its coup against the President, the Republican-led Senate and its four member majority, which if it flips to Democrats, will mean the end for Mr. Trump, and the Presidency of the United States, which if Mr. Trump loses, means that all sources of power would then reside in the Democrat Party, and THAT means the end for this nation as we know it.
          David Horowitz, in his new book, Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, offers these two insights: First, Democrats have overreached by making spurious charges of racism (against just about everybody), thereby sapping the potency of their chief weapon against the right.
          “Progressives have accused so many decent, innocent Americans of racism that outside the left this charge has largely lost its sting,” he argues, and as a result progressives “fail to realize how their deceptions actually serve to undermine their efforts to demonize Trump.”
          Second, Mr. Trump has brilliantly outwitted Democrats by defying their silencing tactics. “By standing up to the attacks from the left, President Trump was able to thrive despite their slanderous labels of ‘racist’ and ‘hate monger.’ It’s inconceivable that, say, Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan would have stood their ground against the ‘racist’ smears,” he posits. Even many pro-Trump conservatives wring their hands at his addiction to social media, but Horowitz praises the tweets as “a calculated strategy to blow back the bullies of political correctness and political doublespeak, who had effectively cowed Republicans through the previous two administrations.”
          To which I offer my own suggestion for countering the onslaught of the radical leftist media.  Refusing to purchase their drivel has been a tactic Conservatives do not seem to be trying. So, here’s another suggestion:
          The President and the Republican National Committee should appoint a team of 50 reasonably well-known writers with knowledge of politics, economics, religion, and employment issues, and ask them to write articles, daily, in opposition to every hit piece the liberal media such as MSNBC, CBS, CNN, and others publish about the President and other Republicans. These should then be sent out to Conservative newspapers and magazines, and to every conceivable outlet of that type, including blogs of individuals. I offer my own blog for that purpose.
          This MUST be done soon, because the liberal media seems to be winning the battle for public opinion despite the extremely good things Mr. Trump has accomplished for the nation during his first term.

No, Our Country is NOT in Terrible Shape, Despite the Democrat-run coup of the Last almost four years Against The President.

6/29/20 – Several people are saying they believe our country, as a whole, is in terrible shape. I’m not one of them.

I believe only certain parts of it, certain issues, are in terrible shape, and THAT’S because of the Democrat coup being carried out against our duly elected president. Yes, I said “coup” because THAT’S what it is and has been for the entire time he has been president.

But what he has done despite the opposition is magnificent. The areas Mr. Trump has worked are in great shape now.

He has cleaned out the Obama Justice Department, he has cleaned out the Obama Attorney General’s office.

He has cleaned up the federal court system by nominating 200 federal court judges and seeing to their appointment by the Senate.

He has initiated opportunity zones in black communities across the nation and followed it up with huge dollars, so that investment is being made in zip codes formerly being neglected.

He has cleaned up the Veteran’s Administration by making it possible to fire Civil Service incompetents there, and replacing them with more competent doctors and support staff.

He has lowered the unemployment numbers by bringing back into the United States hundreds of businesses.

He has improved our balance of trade problems with China and several other countries by taking us out of deadly trade agreements the Democrats had put us into.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few more of the things he has done to “make America great, again.”

So we need to be clear when we say the country is in terrible shape – because THAT’S what the liberal Democrats are saying, and they’re blaming Mr. Trump, when it is really their fault – fifty years of Democrat control of many of our major cities while doing nothing but collecting their paychecks and sitting on their . . . hands.


President Trump and the Republicans Have Been Good For American Blacks!

6/28/20 – If you were told that during the eight years of the Obama Administration, black unemployment doubled under former President Obama and a democrat-controlled  congress, would you believe it? Well, THAT’S what I’m telling you.

Myturntosoundoff  has learned that black unemployment during that time period doubled. It went from 8% to 16%. But, during the same period, black unemployment plummeted. The media didn’t tell anyone about that. It doesn’t like to print facts of that sort because they don’t fit the image it seeks to create in aid of Democrats; that THEY, not Republicans, are the supporters of the black race in this nation.

But their bubble may be bursting. Last week, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics posted the lowest overall black unemployment figure ever recorded – 5.4 percent. According to a Project 21 analysis, reported in a press release last week after the jobs report was released, this was the sixth record-low black unemployment rate achieved during the Trump presidency. So don’t tell me Mr. Trump has done nothing for blacks. His introduction of “opportunity zones” has done wonders in black communities, as many blacks have applied successfully for funding to start small businesses. How did this happen?

Because President Trump signed an executive order on December 12, 2018, creating a White House Council for promoting those opportunity zones in over 8,700 distressed communities across the United States, aiming to expand prosperity to neglected zip codes. “Our goal is to ensure that America’s great new prosperity is broadly shared by all our citizens,” Mr. Trump said. “We’re drawing investment into neglected and underserved communities, so that all Americans, regardless of zip codes, have access to the American Dream.”

Nothing “racist” there. Yet, some of those businesses are the very ones that BLM is robbing, burglarizing, pillaging, burning to the ground, as they riot in the streets, attempting to tear down our culture. They give no thought to the many blacks they are damaging and destroying as they go about the business of destroying the culture, attempting to turn this country into a socialist/communist nation, something it was never intended to be by the Founding Fathers.

But the fact that the Democrat Party is NOT the savior of the black communities in the United States is nothing new. It was founded in 1829, and here’s the reality. Since then it has fought against every major civil rights initiative that has been introduced in Congress, and it has a long history of discrimination, too.

That’s right. The Democrat Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, opposed Reconstruction, founded the Ku Klux Klan, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings, and fought against the civil rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s.

And all the while it was busily blaming the Republican Party and various Republican presidents for the plight of blacks in black cities across the country.

None of that is true. The Republican Party was founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party. Its mission was to stop the spread of slavery into the new western territories with the aim of abolishing it entirely. This effort was dealt a major blow, however, by the Supreme Court, with its ruling in 1857 in the Dred Scott case; Dred Scott v. Sanford. There, the court ruled that slaves are not citizens; they’re property. The seven justices who voted in favor of slavery? All Democrats.

That horrendous case postponed a decision about the issue of slavery until the civil war, to be decided by blood on many battle fields, and the loss of almost 500,000 men killed. The commander-in-chief during that war was the very first Republican Party President, Abraham Lincoln.

But for many years, and especially for the last fifty, blacks have supported the Democrat Party, erroneously believing it to be something it has never been and still isn’t; a political party worthy of the black man’s vote. The result can be seen in every major city in our country, most of which have been under the control of black leaders for all of that time; i.e. Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, to name just three.

Will that change in 2020? Yes, it will, provided President Trump marshals his troops and focuses on what he has done. With help from people like Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, the President will help focus the American blacks on what the Democrats have been doing to take advantage of them, and how h – Mr. Trump – will turn that around.




Is Now The Time of Saint Joseph?

By: Anthony Joseph Sacco, JD. Catawba, North Carolina.

5/7/20 – Back in 1620, Saint John of the Cross, one of the greatest mystics of the Christian Churches, humbly acknowledged that he lacked a proper understanding of Saint Joseph. Inspired by the tremendous love his friend, Saint Teresa of Avila had for Saint Joseph, John of the Cross made a firm resolution that he’d get to know and love Saint Joseph better.

Influenced by his knowledge of this, and by his understanding of the 200-year old split in Christianity caused largely by Martin Luther, a German theologian and former Augustinian priest, Bishop Peter Joseph Jugis of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, began studying everything he could find in the Bible and the Apocrypha, about the mystical choice of the man that God had apparently selected to be responsible for His earthly Son, and that Son’s earthly mother. In January 2020, Bishop Jugis, convinced that something spiritual was afoot, announced that the Diocese of Charlotte would celebrate 2020 as the “Year of Saint Joseph” to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Saint Joseph being solemnly declared Patron of the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Pius IX.

Bishop Jugis had unearthed much about Saint Joseph from his studies. He soon learned that many prominent Bishops of other Christian churches had been led in the same direction. He learned that in the 19th Century, Saint Andre Bessette had initiated construction of what has become the world’s largest church dedicated to Saint Joseph – Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, Canada. He and Saint Jose Manyanet, a priest in 19th Century Spain had fervently promoted a devotion to Saint Joseph and the Holy Family. And that they had prophesied that “a time of Saint Joseph would soon arrive in the life of the Christian Churches.” Both of these men believed that only after two thousand years have we begun to glimpse something of the mystery in which the earthly father of Jesus has been immersed.