The Long Game Isn’t Enough; Time to Scale Up our Tactics

By: Bob Brown, Defend Life Newsletter, November-December 2017 Issue.

NOTE: Defend Life is a pro-life organization, of which, many years ago – more than I care to reveal – I was an Executive Director for about a year. It operates in the State of Maryland, a very Democrat, pro-abortion state, and many of the women of that State are part of the Feminist Movement, which advocates abortion as a “right.” My position, and I suspect the position of the author of this article, too, is that abortion is the killing of an unborn child and must be ended. The piece is being published here, with permission of its author.

BALTIMORE, MD – Two historical accounts of the Holocaust , including The Pope’s Jews by Gordon Thomas, are sitting on my nightstand, bookmarks protruding from their dense middles.

They are great reminders that liberation from evil doesn’t happen without great cost. (Calvary is the utmost example, of course.)

Abortion is so heinous yet so mainstream: Do we imagine it can be stopped by methods that don’t cost much?

Except for the work of pregnancy resource centers, I’m concerned that the pro-life movement’s efforts aren’t costly enough.

Sure, we march, but not under the blast of fire hoses. If legislatures kill our bills, we don’t face dismemberment. We easily busy ourselves without having a personal stake in ending abortion.

“But look at the progress we’ve made.” Actually, it’s hard to pin down the cause of the slight downturn in the abortion rate, but it’s almost certainly due equally to demographics – the more abortion-vulnerable communities not replenishing their populations – as to pro-life victories.

And with unreported chemical abortions replacing a percentage of surgical abortions, substantiating any reduction in the abortion rate is problematic.

Still, we shouldn’t abandon the long game: March, legislate, lecture, write, sell t-shirts, click “Send.” Each child saved is worth celebrating.

But remember that a 20-week (passed with life-of-the-mother/rape/incest exceptions by the House of Representatives in October but not taken up by the Senate at the time of this article) would prevent a mere three out of every 200 abortions.

It’s time to be honest: the long game isn’t enough. The American abortion industry, in power now four times longer than Hitler was, still exterminates one million children every year. Each child lost is a catastrophe. Nothing we’re currently doing gives concrete hope for radical changes anytime soon.

Here’s my point: Pro-lifers must rediscover the courage shown by the underground networks, families, and individuals who hid Jewish people from the Nazis, an illegal enterprise punishable by death.

We should be inspired by maneuvers that flouted Nazi laws, such as the issuing of phony baptismal certificates to Jewish children, gaining them passage to a safe country.

Let it be said, though, that we absolutely renounce all forms of violence. Even though our laws sanction tearing children to pieces, our resistance must be nonviolent. But we cannot exclude tactics that disregard some juridical boundaries. Is that going too far? Well, again, was hiding Jewish people going too far?

So, what is the Pro-life equivalent of hiding Jews? Well, it’s been happening in isolated pockets, but now is the time to scale up. Consider this an invitation: Church and organizational leaders should come together to work out a new, expanded agenda, inspired by what Pius XII and Vatican officials did in Rome and the entire village of Chambon-sur-Lignon did in southern France. The whole body of Christ must make protecting the innocent a 24/7 endeavor – a matter of life and death to us.

Now, you don’t have to “cross the line” to act in ways that are costly. For example, Christians have more than enough money to park a mobile sonogram vehicle outside every abortion center in the United States.

That costs serious money, but what are we throwing our money away on, or grasping it tightly for, instead? Get your church’s missions committee on board.

And there are plenty of us to maintain a regular and noticeable witness outside every abortion center. Some of us can also walk in, with gifts to offer, resource information to share, and a loving invitation to talk outside. That will cost time, but doesn’t a joyful eternity await the faithful?

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Fusion GPS, The Clinton Campaign, and The Democrat National Committee. Here is Real Collusion with the Russians.

12/3/17 – Fusion GPS is not the name of a technology firm. It is the name of an opposition-research firm which was working for and being paid by the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee.

The Clinton-DNC funding is only the tip of the iceberg; here’s a glimpse into the shady election doings concealed within that opposition-research firm’s walls. What is an opposition-research firm? It’s a group that does everything it can to find dirt on the opponents of Democrats. They are exclusively dirt diggers.

MyTurnToSoundOff has learned that in the case of this so-called Trump dossier, Marc E. Elias, a lawyer with the law firm of Perkins Coie (pronounced Perkins-Cowee), hired Fusion GPS in April 2016, to conduct opposition research on Mr. Trump and his campaign officials for the Democrat National Committee.

Fusion GPS worked on that until just days before the November election. Both the DNC and the Clinton Campaign have refused recent requests to disclose the amount paid to Fusion GPS, but MyTurnToSoundOff has learned that these two organizations split the cost between them; the Clinton Campaign paid $5.6 million and the DNC paid $3.6 million.

The so-called Trump dossier contains numerous libelous and slanderous untruths about Mr. Trump, which many who have read it claim that its author, Christopher Steele made up. It is fact that Steele hired Russians to provide the phony intelligence that went into it.

The Perkins Coie law firm worked exclusively with the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee. Another bit of information recently was disclosed; that one of the members of this law firm worked in the Obama administration and the Clinton administration; thus the link between them, the Clinton Campaign, and the DNC is conclusive.

Yes, it’s difficult to follow this. It’s complicated, like the Uranium deal which, thanks to Mrs. Clinton and that now-infamous committee, resulted in Russia, in a round-about, convoluted way, gaining access to about 20% of our uranium reserves. But like all the Clinton doings, it is convoluted in order to obfuscate and hide the criminality aspects of their actions.

2017: Tenth Anniversary of the Wyoming Catholic College: Carol Sacco’s Icon Featured on Cover of Winter 2017 edition of College Magazine.

  1. 12/1/17 – CHEYENNE, WY: December has arrived. The countdown to the end of this wonderful year begins. And it HAS ben that – a wonderful year; good in some ways, bad in others, of course.

    One of the good things? The 10th Anniversary of the Wyoming Catholic College, a four-year coeducational College established in 2005, when Bishop David Ricken, Fr. Robert Cook, a Diocesan priest, Professor Robert Carlson, then of Casper College, and a few others held a press conference to announce its formation. I was at that press conference, and have been a believer in its goals and a supporter of the school since that time.

    Another of the good things; the Sainted Carol Sacco’s Icon of the Blessed Mother and the Christ child, a prominent theme of Christmas postage stamps here in the United States for many years, has been selected to grace the cover of the Winter 2017 issue of the Wyoming Catholic College Magazine.

    Carol painted this Icon while teaching Art and Photography at Burns Jr/Senior High School, at the request of Fr. Robert Cook the then President of the College. She donated it to the College several years ago, and it has hung in the Lobby of the School Library.

    To see her work on that cover, go to www.WYOMINGCATHOLIC.ORG or write to the school at 306 Main Street, Lander, WY 82520, or call, toll free to request a copy of the magazine, 877-332-2930.

    See More

    Ours is an education of immersion: in the Western tradition, in the beauty of the wilderness, and in the treasures of our Catholic spiritual heritage.

Religious Right Notches Gains Under President Trump

“Open Borders” is a Progressive Fantasy!

CHEYENNE, WY: 9/17/17 – President Trump was right to emphasize the border crisis and the entire illegal immigration problem during his presidential campaign. He was right to declare: “without a border we don’t have a country. And, he was right to promise to “build a wall” and to end illegal immigration. That is a promise he is working to keep, as several different companies are building different types of wall along the border, so we can decide which type of wall is best for the nation.

By contrast, during her campaign Hillary Clinton kept promising to follow and even extend Obama’s immigration policies, including amnesty and to create a path to citizenship rights and privileges for millions of people here illegally.

The extent to which she said she was willing to go? In a speech to Brazilian bankers in May 2013, she revealed that her “dream was to have open borders” for the 600 million inhabitants of the entire western hemisphere.

This is a progressive fantasy. 600 million more people packed into the United States would wreak havoc on the country, chewing up land and resources without limit. Further, this progressive fantasy discounts the achievements that created the United States’ unique success and ignores the vast cultural differences which have made resource-rich countries like Mexico poor and resource-poor countries like Japan prosperous.

It is the culture of the United States that has made it prosperous and great and it is THAT culture upon which progressives have declared war.

And, THAT is a war which we must fight and win!

e a wonderful rest of your Sunday.

Was the National Day of Prayer Ignored by Pastors and Priests Across the Nation?

CHEYENNE, WY: 9/15/17 – During Mr. Obama’s two terms in office, he never once attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Nor did he ever declare a National Day of Prayer during those entire eight years.

On Friday, September 1st, President Trump named Sunday September 3rd as a National Day of Prayer – not for himself, not for his family, but for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. That hurricane had all but decimated Houston, TX and environs.

As always, I attended church that Sunday morning. I expected to hear an announcement of Mr. Trump’s action and prayers from the altar for this very special intention. What greeted me? Silence. My church, which has no problem supporting illegal immigrants who violate our borders and systemically destroy our sovereignty, and who are changing the demographics of our nation, failed to support a Christian president in a very Christian endeavor – nationwide prayers for people who needed it.

My questions for you? 1) was anything said or done to let people know about this National Day of Prayer at YOUR church? 2) if not, have you asked yourself why not? Better yet, did you go to your pastor or parish priests and ask why they had not  mentioned it?

Assimilation and Allegiance No Longer Obligations for Immigrants – Unless We Do Something About It!

CHEYENNE, WY: 9/15/17 – Since immigration is in the forefront of our “political discussion” these days, here’s a question for you: did you know that assimilation into the United States’ culture and allegiance to its constitutional framework were once obligations of immigrants coming to our country?

That’s right. But, it’s no longer the case. Assimilation has gone the way of border enforcement in the minds of liberals, progressives, the open-borders crowd, and the one-worlders.

In the past, American presidents emphasized the life-altering change that occurs when an immigrant renounces prior political loyalties and takes the Oath of Allegiance to the United States, leaving one people to join another.

By contrast, former President Obama, in a promotional video, said becoming an American citizen is “not about changing who you are; it’s about adding a new chapter on your journey.”

To punctuate this, he watered down the Oath of Allegiance to allow immigrants who were conscientious objectors, or perhaps adherents of the Islamic holy war against us, to ignore the part of the pledge which says “to bear arms on behalf of the United States.”