About Those Romney Tax Returns

‎7/21/12 – About those Romney tax returns? Conn Carroll, editorial writer for the Washington Examiner says this: “Romney’s dad gave twelve years of returns. If Mitt did that, then that would bring us right into the middle of his tenure at Bain. Does anyone really think the Obama campaign would let Romney stop there? No! They’d want his returns from all Romney’s time at Bain. And then before that. And then before that. They would even ask for the minutes of board meetings at Bain. There is simply no satisfying Team Obama’s apetite for more Romney documents. The only way to shut Team Obama down on this issue is to say ‘no’ and stick to it.” I agree. The opponent in a campaign is not entitled to embark on a fishing expedition into his opponent’s records, to dig up whatever he can – dirt or something he can manufacture into something that looks like dirt – in order to gain an advantage. Mitt has already released two years. That, in my judgment, is enough.



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