Barack Hussein Obama and His College Records

‎7/21/12 – Now, about Barack Hussein Obama’s college records – all of ’em. Not just Occidental. Harvard, too. He and his campaign apparently believe they’re entitled to all Mitt Romney’s personal tax returns, but Obama has spent close to $1 million trying to keep his own records secret.
          I’d like to see his applications to both of these schools; was he asked his place of birth? What did he say? Was he asked his religion? What was his answer? Was he asked for references? Whom did he list?
           Also of some interest is the tuition at Occidental and Harvard when he applied, and where he got the funds to go there? Did he pay his own tuition? Did someone else pay it fpr him? If so, who? It’d be interesting to see his grades while at Occidental. Was a transcript required when he applied to Harvard after Occidental? If so, make it public, Barack, so we can see exactly how brilliant you were in college.
          And another thing. While at Harvard, he was supposedly editor of the Law Review. To be a Law Review editor, one needs to have written and published articles. Did Barack do that? If so, let’s see a list. Let’s also have them vetted by a legal scholar of some repute (a Supreme Court Justice perhaps), to see what their quality was or whether they were just crap, thrown together to satisfy a requirement..



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