Romney’s First Overseas Trip – Coming Soon!

‎7/24/12 – I’ve been wondering when Mitt would do an overseas trip during his campaign. All candidates for president do one, sooner or later. It’s de rigueur. Well the answer is it’s upcoming, and it will be a six-day swing, which will include a short visit to the Summer Olympics in London later this week and then to Israel and Poland.

Romney’s campaign has styled his trip as a learning opportunity rather than an effort to define his foreign policy at this point in time. He has, however, criticized Barack Obama’s foreign policy, stating it has weakened America’s standing.

This quote may give us a few clues as to what Mitt’s foreign policy will contain: “President Obama thinks visiting our closest ally in the Middle East is a ‘distraction,’ that [Venezuelan populist leader] Hugo Chavez is not a ‘serious’ threat, and that the right response to Russia is to promise more ‘flexibility’ in exchange for giving [Russian leader Vladimir Putin] ‘space’ before the election,” said Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg. “It is clear that President Obama’s foreign policy is confused, ineffective and has weakened our influence in every region of the world.”

I think Henneberg is right, and hope that Mitt Romney’s will re-align the United States with our allies around the world, demonstrate that we can be trusted to keep our word when we give it, and that he will restore this nation’s rightful place as the leader of the free world.



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