Hope and Change is Coming to America – Again!

7/28/12 – When President Obama first ran for office, he pledged to “transform America.” He spoke in broad generalities. He didn’t explain. Whether this was by accident or by design, the result was the same. We didn’t know what he meant. Not long after he took office we found out; that he intended to change our country from a confident, successful, capitalist nation, into a fearful, failed, Socialist/Communist example of a European country.

Now, almost four years later, to the joy of those calling themselves “Progressives,” (read Communists), Socialists, radical liberals, and many Democrats, he has almost succeeded. Almost.

Fortunately, people like Rush Limbaugh and others initially saw what Obama meant and stated publicly that they “hoped he failed.” To say, in the spirit of bipartisanship that usually follows a national election, that they hoped he succeeded, would have been to say they hoped he’d destroy the United States of America by transforming it from a people-centered to a government-centered country.

With another national election almost upon us, while Obama’s charismatic rhetoric has fooled many in the past and is still doing so with some, we are beginning to understand that his objectives are not working. And not wanted. Worse, his misguided policies at the federal level, his short-sighted appointments of unqualified Cabinet officials, especially in the Justice, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, and the Education Departments, and the two grossly unqualified Supreme Court Justices he has elevated to that bench, are destroying – literally and figuratively – this country.

How do I know that? Here are just a few reasons:

The unemployment rate has been above 8% since February 2009; more than 23 million Americans cannot find work; more Americans have lost jobs under Mr. Obama than under any President in modern history; over 30% of single moms are living in poverty, many of them while struggling – without a husband – to support children; new business startups are at the lowest level in 30 years; millions of homes have been foreclosed upon because of the misguided policies of the federal government; transportation costs have skyrocketed as gasoline prices rose to almost $5/gallon in some parts of the country; our borders, especially the southern one, are as porous as ever, and thousands of illegal immigrants are allowed – even encouraged by our government’s inability to control the borders, and its welcoming policies – to enter our country; there will have been 4 consecutive trillion dollar spending deficits by the end of Obama’s first term in office, while the first two budgets submitted by the President were late – itself a violation of the law requiring budgets to be submitted during the first week of February each year, and the third was considered so inadequate by Congress that it did not garner even one single vote from members of either Party; this president has spent so much, has added debt so quickly and so recklessly, that our country’s bond ratings have been lowered for the first time in our history, and we now borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend, just to meet our obligations.

This is indeed a grim picture. But it is not necessarily what’s in store permanently for the United States. Why? Because while we may have temporarily lost our way – or rather, been led astray by a black Pied Piper playing a compelling-sounding flute, we have not lost our ability to fight. What has been done can and will be reversed.

Why, you might ask, am I so confident of that? Well, for starters, I point to the Congressional election of 2010. There, a loosely-formed, grass-roots organization calling itself “The Tea Party,” was born. Because of its frustration with the liberalism displayed by many in both political parties, it backed numerous Conservative candidates. Despite being vilified and misrepresented by Leftists, its candidates won many seats in the House and several in the Senate.

In 2010, in a demonstration of local power, Tea Party-endorsed candidates running as Republicans defeated established Republicans in several primaries, such as Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Nevada, New York, South Carolina, and Utah. This gave new momentum to the conservative cause in that election; less government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and a strong military.

In the 2010 midterm elections, The New York Times identified 138 candidates for Congress with significant Tea Party support, and reported that all of them were running as Republicans—of whom 129 were running for the House and 9 for the Senate.  The Wall Street Journal – NBC News poll in mid October showed 35% of likely voters were Tea-party supporters, and they favored Republicans by 84% to 10%.

So, what happened? Republicans re-gained control of the chamber they had lost in the 2006 midterm elections, picking up a net total of 63 seats and erasing the gains Democrats made in 2006 and 2008. This was the highest loss for a party in a House midterm election since 1938 The Republican Party gained control of the most House seats since 1938. Surprisingly, Republicans made their largest gains in very liberal New YorkState where they picked up six seats, defeating five incumbents and winning an open Democrat district.

Republicans also picked up six seats in the Senate, although, since they needed ten to take control of that body, they narrowly missed doing so. The heavy Democrat Party losses were directly related to anger with President Obama, opposition to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and the weak economy, which many voters perceived to be caused by the Socialist/Communist policies initiated by the Obama Administration.

What does the immediate future hold for the United States electorate? In November 2012, the country has an opportunity to reverse the disastrous direction in which it has been drifting under Barack Hussein Obama. Many of the issues that led to big Republican gains are still alive. The Republicans have presented an intriguing candidate in Mitt Romney, a businessman and former governor of Massachusetts, a very liberal state, who obviously has demonstrated an ability to appeal to not only Republicans, but to Democrats and Independents, male and female, young and old voters.

Romney is campaigning with this: “I believe in America and I believe America deserves better than the failed policies of Barack Obama.” He has also been quoted as saying: “This is the basic choice before us: do we want a president who puts his faith in government or one who puts his faith in the people?”  

Mr. Romney does have one issue in his background which may prove troublesome: his religion. He is a Mormon. In 2008, during the primary campaign, although his life story pointed to a man who has stronger Christian values than many who call themselves Christian, a substantial number of Conservative Christians, including Evangelicals, refused to support him. In that, they demonstrated a bias toward a member of another religion that, given the present stand by Muslims throughout the world, would be understandable with regard to a candidate who was an Islamist, but which, considering the Kennedy/Nixon election in 1960, was surprising. And, of course, that bias resulted in the Primary win by John McCain, which paved the way for Barack Obama’s easy election that November.

Can we do it? Can we return to fiscal sanity and fiscal strength? To moral sanity and moral strength? I believe we can. But only if there is a dramatic change – in the office of the Presidency. Hope and Change? Well, yes, but as I’ve written before on TRIOND, now the shoe is on the other foot. (http://newsflavor.com/opinions/hope-and-change-well-yes-but-the-shoe-is -on-the-other-foot-this-time/.

A shift in the occupants of the White House – a First Lady who is proud of America and who is not so bent on enjoying vacations paid for by the taxpayers, and a President who believes in America and is willing to work for it instead of playing so many rounds of golf – are the keys to re-building a strong economy that’ll provide good jobs and rising wages, that will reduce poverty and promote self-reliance, assist in building successful businesses across the nation, cut the budget deficit and the national debt, protect our borders from illegal immigrants, while cutting back on legal immigration from undesirable nations, re-build our national defenses, lower taxes across the board, especially for small businesses that provide the bulk of the jobs for our middle class, and reduce profligate government spending to fiscally supportable levels.



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