9/24/2012 – Muslim World Ignites; Muslim Sensibilities Offended ( Again); Muslim Passions Rage Uncontrolled (Again) – for Days.

Egypt: Gizeh

Egypt: Gizeh (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)

CHEYENNE – September 2012 was not a good month for Muslims in the Islamic world! Anticipating the anniversary of September 11th, this year the eleventh anniversary of that tragic event, Muslims embarked upon an agenda of attacking United States embassies in several countries; Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen, and even as far away as Australia.

Muslims didn’t need any more of an excuse than the pending anniversary, but they developed a flimsy scenario as justification; an obscure documentary apparently made in the United States, that hardly anybody had ever heard of or seen, which purportedly pokes fun at the Muslim prophet, Muhammad, claiming that the Prophet was a pedophile and a pervert.

Although not much was immediately known about the film, National Public Radio (NPR) jumped quickly into the fray. Convinced that the liberal’s “party line” was the correct one, something still not clear, it reported that “the California-based filmmaker, Sam Bacile, whose movie allegedly sparked the protest, went into hiding Tuesday, according to the AP. The two-hour film has been shown just once, earlier this year in Hollywood, but a 13-minute, English-language trailer of the film, Innocence of Muslims, was on YouTube. Bacile describes himself as an Israeli Jew.” Never mind that at the time, it was not even known whether “Bacile” was the producer’s real name or not, nor was it considered that in the United States, our right of Freedom of Speech was the one being exercised here by this person.

As the United States Embassy in Cairo came under attack by radical Muslims, the Obama Administration released an apology through the embassy stating that it “condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.” Later that day, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, whose positions and identities were not immediately known, were killed by a rabid mob of Muslims, which stormed our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, breached its walls, and set it afire.

The Obama Administration’s tepid response to these attacks? Over the few days the violence lasted, during which terrorism continued to rage against Americans overseas, the Administration seemed concerned only about offering apologies for the “hurt religious feelings” of terrorists. It even placed ads in Islamic newspapers, as the bodies of these four Americans were being transported back to the United States.

What warped, worldview does President Obama have that would prompt his State Department to issue such a response? It’s a worldview documented in Dinesh D’Sousa’s movie Obama’s America – 2016; a worldview promoted by the “Hate America” crowd, who believes the United States has in the past, and is now, wrong in the way it has approached the problems of Muslim people throughout the Middle East. It’s a worldview that believes America is always wrong, no matter what it does, and no matter what part of the world in which it acts.

This worldview is not, liberals might be surprised to learn, totally shared by all Muslims everywhere in the world. The week after this shameful violence erupted in Egypt and Libya, the fledgling Libyan government apologized to the United States, a virtually unheard of occurance. Approximately thirty thousand Libyans stormed a compound in which several Muslim terrorist groups had set up headquarters, evicted them, and shut it down. Spokesmen for these people announced that this kind of violence, thought to have been carried out by Salafis, a radical group seeking to create a Muslim world order under Sharia Law, would not be condoned, and that the United States had, in the past, been a friend, which had helped it rid the country of a dictator. A day or two later, the newly elected Egyptian government, notwithstanding the representatives of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in its ranks, also apologized to the United States. Its president, Mohammed Morsi, himself a Muslim Brotherhood member, said that he could see a time not too far off when the United States and Egypt would be, as they once had been, close friends.

Two weeks have elapsed since this senseless violence erupted. Although many in the Muslim world worked themselves into a frenzy over very little, something which seems to occur regularly over there, many in the Arab and Muslim world have condemned it, and the worst appears to be over. However, the response by the United States government has been viewed by many as weak and ineffective.

What should that response have been? Since many people in the literary world know I’m a writer, and that I have a military background as well as a background in law, I was asked. Although I am not privy to the latest intelligence from the Midlle East, I do keep up with current events. I believe our response should have been a measured and multifaceted one. First, the U.S. Sixth Fleet is stationed in the Mediterranean. A Battle Group from that fleet, composed of an aircraft carrier carrying a squadron of F/A -18 super Hornet fighter-bombers, several Destroyers, and Submarines, should have been deployed to take up positions off the coasts of Egypt and Libya, countries that are located next to each other in the southern Mediterranean. Second, the aircraft should have been ordered to perform around-the-clock fly by missions for twenty-four hours, off the coasts of Egypt and Libya, making the lives of citizens within hearing distance of those planes as uncomfortable as possible; a reminder of what could happen if the violence did not stop; Third, our Embassies in those two countries should have been immediately closed and our Ambassadors withdrawn to safe havens outside the region, and security at all embassies in the Middle East quickly beefed up significantly; Fourth, the diplomatic staffs of Egypt and Libya in the United States should have been immediately expelled, their personnel escorted to airports and placed on the first flights out of the country – at the expense of those governments; Fifth, the president should have sent a message to both houses of Congress, immediately suspending, temporarily, all foreign aid to those countries; both aid that is in the pipeline and aid that is scheduled for the future; that suspension to remain in force until hostilities cease, until a guarantee is forthcoming that future violence of this kind will not be allowed to occur, and until reparations are made for loss of life and property.


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