Man’s True Destiny . . .

Blaise Pascal 1423

Blaise Pascal 1423 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"αθεοι" (atheoi), Greek for "th...10/18/12 – Man’s true destiny is to know and love God. Yet Atheists deny His existence and Agnostics claim that the ultimate cause (God) is unknowable and they refuse to deal with the issue. Both are wrong, philosophically and theologically. For both, the one so certain, the other certain only in uncertainty, I think the wiser course for them to follow is that of the French philosopher, Blaise Pascal and his famous wager: “I would wager that there IS a God rather than that there is NOT a God. For if I wager that He is and I lose, I have lost nothing. But if I wager that He is, and I win, I have won everything.” The prize? An eternity of life and happiness.






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