03/09/2013 – Democrat Senators Bailing on Obama for 2014

With the recent announcements by several Democrat Senators that they will not run for re-election in 2014, at this time it looks like Democrats will be defending 21 Senate seats while Republicans will be looking to protect 14.

Republicans needs only a net gain of six seats to take back the Senate. That’s going to be a huge job but it IS doable. And it must happen, if we are to stop Obama’s agenda in its tracks and keep him from becoming a pseudo-monarch; i.e. a president with dictatorial powers who will stop at nothing to reduce the United States to the level of a failed European style Socialist or even a Communist nation.

Not well-known yet is the fact that there are quite a few Senate Democrats in red states facing tough election battles in 2014. Their job will be made even harder if Obama pushes his radical liberal agenda in the next few months; A radical agenda sought by the Democrat president will force those guys to cross swords with their Party leaders and support Obama or run afoul of their Conservative constituents back home who seek a more traditional United States of America where sane fiscal policies, less government, a strong military, and a high regard for the Constitution are desirable goals.


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