03/09/2013 – If They Were Not Before, Illegal Aliens Are Now Becoming a Threat – to America’s Senior Citizens.

Social Security Poster: old man

Social Security Poster: old man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama’s misguided push to grant amnesty to illegal aliens includes a Social Security bonanza for illegals. Who does that hurt? Current and future retirees.

CHEYENNE, WY – Many, especially the “low information voters,” who get their news only from the liberal media, are unaware of it, but our first half-black president has, behind the scenes, already taken a substantial step toward amnesty for illegal aliens (read: lawbreakers, i.e. criminals), mostly Mexican nationals, with an Administrative Order. With this step, which is contrary to and places him in opposition to the will of the majority of Americans, only violent criminals (and there are many) will be detained and deported. The Immigration Service (ICE) has been ordered to permit other illegal aliens to remain in the country if they are under the age of thirty.

In January 2013, in defiance of the will of the American people, Barack Obama issued an Executive Order, further loosening the rules on illegals. According Larry Hyland, Chairman of the relatively new Senior Citizens League, “… both parties desperately want to gain favor with Hispanic voters after seeing the results of the last election. As a result, amnesty plans are now under discussion in Washington….”

But, the Social Security system, now referred to by liberals as “an Entitlement” even though it is not (its recipients have paid into it from their earnings for their entire working careers), is in trouble. It is estimated that it will be bankrupt by 2020. Benefits will almost certainly be reduced over the coming years. The question is not when these reductions will be made, but where they will come from? From current and future retirees? From better-off retirees? From retirees at all income levels?

That’s why making Social Security retirement benefits available to between eleven and twenty-one million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States in violation of our laws, is completely unacceptable. Not only will it add a new burden to the Social Security system that is unnecessary and unfair to the rest of us, but it will be seen as a “reward” to illegals for violating the law, and will likely encourage a new wave of illegal immigration.

Further, under the plans now being discussed, illegal immigrants who receive an amnesty grant will be able to apply for work authorization. That’s all they will need to enable them to file claims for Social Security benefits based upon the work they performed illegally.  What does that mean? It means that millions of illegals living in the United States will be able to collect billions of dollars of our taxpayer funds in benefits at a time when Social Security is already paying our more than it is taking in.

There is an ever mounting protest to this movement to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. It is being joined in, if not led by, the Senior Citizens League, which is circulating a petition as part of a national campaign to stop it. If you are a Social Security recipient now, you probably received its Petition against Payment of Social Security Benefits to Illegal Aliens. If you sign it, they will see to it that your Senators and Representative receive a copy.

The move to grant amnesty to illegals is, after all, simply a political ploy to gain votes from Hispanics. But Hispanics are not stupid. They will continue to vote for the Party which promises to provide them with more . . . handouts. And the more money they get while living here, the more they are able to send back to Mexico to support their relatives and friends still living there. Thus, unwittingly, we are propping up the Mexican economy and making it easy for corrupt Mexican officials to continue their policies of refusing to stimulate their own economy to provide jobs and a satisfactory way of life for their own people.

Anthony Joseph Sacco, Sr., a writer, licensed private investigator, author of three published novels, The China Connection, Little Sister Lost, and Return to Darkness, and a biography, Echoes in the Wind, holds degrees from Loyola University Maryland and the University of Maryland Law School. His articles have appeared in the Washington Times, Baltimore Sun, Voices for the Unborn, the Catholic Review, WREN Magazine, TRIOND, and the Wyoming Catholic Register. E-mail him at anthonyjsacco@hotmail.com, and visit his website at http://www.saccoservices.com.


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