Exit Pope Benedict XVI; Enter Pope Francis

Pope Benedictus XVI

Pope Benedictus XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3/14/13 – I don’t know EXACTLY why Pope Benedict XVI resigned the Papacy. But, I DO believe his stated reasons; his advanced age (85) and his declining health. Both were sapping him of the strength he needed to lead the Roman Catholic Church against its enemies. Those enemies, by the way, Post-Modernism, Secular Humanism, New Age Philosophy, Satanism, and Moral Relativism, are the enemies of Western Civilization, and indeed, of all civilization.

But I DO know and understand that because of Pope John Paul II’s failing health, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was called upon, for perhaps as long as ten years, to assume the duties of the Papacy, if not the actual office. And, because of what he observed, and from that vantage point and proximity to the Papacy, he was able to see, first hand, the effects of ill health upon how effectively a Pope could discharge his very important duties.

Not sure I’m correct about this? Well, if you thought about it, have you ever wonder why the Conclave which elected Benedict was over so quickly? It was the shortest one on record to that point. I’m thinking that the reason was because all those Cardinals were aware, for years, of who was actually running the Church. They sought to unite the man with the title.

This is no reflection on John Paul II. He was shot while riding in an open car in Saint Peter’s Square, on May 13, 1981, by a Turkish national, Mahmet Ali Agca. The bullets struck him in the abdomen, left hand, and right arm, but missed all vital organs. He recovered, but after that his health declined. It was not his fault. Yes, he could have resigned once he realized how impaired his health actually was, but no Pope had done that for over 600 years, and he must have felt there were good and sufficient reasons why he should not do it.

God bless Pope Benedict XVI. And God bless Jorge Maria Bergoglio, the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and now the new successor to Saint Peter, Pope Francis. And God bless all those who will work with him to defend Mother Church, against her enemies, who are formidable.

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