Bill Ayers, Homegrown Anti-American Radical, Admits Left Has ‘Absolute Access’ to America’s Schools – and Your Children

bill ayers

bill ayers (Photo credit: Nuevo Anden)

3/16/13 – Cheyenne, WY – Noticed the other day that Bill Ayers gave a speech in New York, and said: “The left must utilize its ‘absolute access’ to America’s Classrooms.” He also said the left’s power lies in schools, neighborhoods and workplaces. Shocking? Yes. Scary? Yes, because in this, he may be right. . . err, left. Err . . . right. (No pun intended). What, exactly, does he mean by the “left’s absolute access to America’s classrooms?” That’s the subject for more research and another article.

Ayers, a former domestic terrorist-turned university professor, has found a home in the stupidity of American Public School Administrators. He has been given a forum and encouraged, rewarded, and even supported for a lifetime by certain public school educators in New York City and Chicago.

They’re using your tax money to provide him with positions in their classrooms. He re-emerged publicly earlier this month to explain how the left’s access to schools and  neighborhoods has helped and will continue to help them shape the future of America.

We need to pay attention. Why? We need to understand how to stop the left’s heretofore relentless march to brainwash our kids and “shape the future of America.”

Speaking at a New York University (NYU) “Change the Stakes” meeting on Dec. 4, he said the left must use the existing “movements on the ground.” This event is an annual meeting of Communists and other revolutionaries; another of the Hate America groups which advocate the overthrow of the United States, even by force and violence.

Ayers first blasted Conservatives for portraying President Barack Hussein Obama as a “secret Muslim” and a “secret sociopath,” running around with “terrorists and Arabs.”  That’s not exactly what we portray Obama as, but it IS Ayer’s attempt to frame our argument for us. That’s a typical liberal tactic, of which, if you’ve ever tried to talk to a liberal, you are already aware.  So if Ayers deplores the fact that we’re doing that, then perhaps we should do more of it. It must be having at least some of the desired effect.

He lamented the fact that many liberals felt like Obama was “winking” at them while he portrayed himself as a compromising moderate. But Obama ended up disappointing the far left. Why? Because, according to Ayers, the left wants even more radical change for this country. It will not be satisfied until it has succeeded in bringing communism to this country.

“The same people, and I’m sure some of us in this room, are saying, ‘But the second term he’ll be free,’” Ayers said. “Forget about it. That’s not where change comes from.”
“If we want change to come, we would do well not to look at the sites of power we have no access to; the White House, the Congress, the Pentagon,” Ayers added. This statement shows clearly that he must be smoking something extremely powerful these days to have the opinion that the left has NO access to these places. “But,” he went on to say, “we have absolute access to the community, the school, the neighborhood, the street, the classroom, the workplace, the shop, the farm. Why are we ignoring that and saying, ‘I hope Obama makes peace’?” he asked. “Forget about it. He’s not going to do anything if you don’t do something. So, our job is movement building, [Obama’s] job is governance and sitting in a chair of empire.” [NOTE: Like a King?]

Students of American History will recall that Ayers first came to public attention for his involvement in plots to set off explosives at the US Capitol, the Pentagon, a police station, two Army recruiting stations and a New York judge’s home while his family slept inside. He and his wife, Bernadine Dorn, were the main founders and leaders of the now-defunct radical group, The Weather Underground. In other words, today, he has no organization behind him any more, other than the support he garners from those in Education, and unfortunately there are many, who think as he does.

He killed people. It is a sample of the absurdity of liberal thinking that they try to justify and excuse Ayers and his ilk by claiming that they did not deliberately plan to do so. He should have been executed for his crimes, and but for a technicality – a mistake by a federal prosecutor, which allowed a liberal trial judge an opening to dismiss the charges – he would have been.

He is also the man who happened to help launch an ambitious community organizer’s political career into the stratosphere right from his apartment on Chicago’s South Side, Barack Hussein Obama.

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