Portman’s Flip-Flop on Homosexual and Lesbian Issue

English: Portrait of United States Senator Rob...

English: Portrait of United States Senator Rob Portman of Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3/16/13 – Cheyenne, WY – Senator Rob Portman’s announcement yesterday that he now supports so-called “gay marriage,” sent shock waves through Conservative Republican circles, both nationally and in the State of Ohio.  You cannot go on the Internet or into the liberal media today without seeing articles that the Senator, a Republican from Ohio, has flip-flopped on this issue, deciding he now favors it, apparently because his son has embraced Homosexuality.

You may recall that Portman was on Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s short list for vice-president. Anybody who follows my Blog, myturntosoundoff.wordpress.com/ knows I thought a lot of Portman for a while, because of his positions on the issues AND his position as a Senator from Ohio. He was, and is still, for the most part, a fiscal and social conservative. I thought he could bring that state into the Republican column. And to me that was important.

So, I wondered why Mitt did not select him but went with Paul Ryan instead. Now? We know. Apparently the vetting by Romney’s election committee (a fine job, by the way, and, if I’m correct on this, a good example of how a vetting process is supposed to work), turned up this fact about Portman’s son, and knew, if it came out, it could damage Romney’s chances with some of his supporters. Of course, they were right.

I find Portman’s new position on this issue regretful and unnecessary. To me, it was, of course, important not to abandon his son simply because he “came out,” so to speak, about an erroneous choice the boy has made. But Portman did not have to embrace the evil of Homosexuality (recognized as such for thousands of years by every Civilization), but could simply have said something like this: “I’ve recently learned that my son regards himself as a homosexual. I love my son, and understand that we are two different people. Because of that, his views on life’s issues, religious, political, social, and economic, are is own.”

He did not do that, but, instead, elected to go further. Good luck to the Senator from Ohio in the future. Will Ohio voters withdraw their support from him in his next election since he has reversed a position that may have helped get him elected to the Senate? Republicans cannot afford to lose that Senate seat. Hopefully, the Tea Party will step in and sponsor and support a solid social and fiscal Conservative for the position. We’ll have to wait and see.

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