Immigration “Reform?” I Don’t Think So.

4/23/13 – “So-called Immigration Reform is now front and center in the Senate.
The Democrats have submitted a bill. Senator Marco Rubio’s Republican alternative bill is under review. One of its provisions would “legalize” the 11 million or whatever the number of illegals here now; mostly Mexicans, although they won’t be able to vote for a while.
What about that? Do you think if it were to pass muster, the Democrats will allow that to continue for long? I don’t think so.
Neither does Rush Limbaugh. Here’s what he said on Friday, March 19th: “Within two months, Senator Schumer and the Democrats are gonna run to the microphones and cameras and they’re gonna start tugging at people’s heartstrings by saying, ‘How in the world can we be so cruel as to not let them vote? We’ve just legalized them. We’ve just welcomed them to our country. We’ve just created a pathway to citizenship for them. They are paying taxes, and they’re working. It’s unconscionable that they can’t vote.’ And then the Democrat-led Senate will pass a law allowing them to vote. Got it? Then, the fact that 70% of them vote Democrat will kick in, and the Democrats [will] gain a new constituency.”
The hearings on the “Gang of Eight’s” Immigration scheme that began yesterday in the Senate and are going on there now. However, the deck seems to be stacked in favor of those who want more, not less, immigration, and less, not more controls on it. This despite the recent happenings at the Boston Marathon, where two Chechen immigrants, one who became a recent US citizen, one who did not, set off bombs at and near the finish line, killing three and wounding over 170.
Immigrants, legal and illegal, have been testifying. Democrats invited the illegals to Washington in hopes of stirring up sympathy for their “plight.” That’s a long-standing, typical Democrat tactic. The authorities should have arrested the illegals for violating the laws of our nation. Instead, they were allowed to go free.
Yesterday, however, Christopher Crane, who heads up the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, the union that represents ICE agents and officers finally got a chance to tell Congress officially his concerns about the bill.
“Senators invite illegal aliens to testify before Congress,” he said. “But American citizens working as law enforcement officers within our nation’s broken immigration system are purposely excluded from the process.” Crane was one of about 20 witnesses who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, the second hearing called to examine the Senate bill. That legislation offers illegal immigrants legal status but claims to withhold a full path to citizenship until the Homeland Security Department takes more steps to secure the border. That is not at all clear in the bill.
The problem with that approach is that it will take a long time to actually accomplish securing the border. In view of the current world situation we do not have that time, a fact that does not seem to concern Democrats, despite the holes in our present system which permit the influx of questionable people from equally questionable nations; nations which are sworn enemies of ours, and of Democracy and freedom around the world.
Another problem with the bill is that it expands avenues for legal immigration, which flies in the face of the wishes of the majority of Americans, who believe that too many foreigners are being allowed into this country annually. That appears to be contributing to our horrendous unemployment problem and complicating our educational system’s seeming inability to produce candidates for jobs in the fields in which the country needs them; i.e., Mathematics and the Sciences.
Still, that the Senate has, at last, decided to do something regarding the immigration system is at least a start on fixing a system which is at least partially broken.
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