Immigration Reform: A Conservative Plan

8/29/15 – Cheyenne, WY – Donald Trump has opened discussion on this very emotional topic, which others in the Republican Party, and of course, the Democrats, have failed and refused to take up, even though they know it is important to all Americans. Here are some of my thoughts on it, for whatever they are worth.
1) Border and Port Security should be the top priority in any bill taken up by Congress. Maximum security should happen FIRST, and be completed BEFORE anything else,
2) No Amnesty, no matter by what name the people in Washington want to call it. 11 million illegals turned into “citizens” by whatever process, is undesirable for Americans and the United States. What kind of “citizens” will they be? They are lawbreakers. Their very first act in coming to a new country was to break the law by crossing the border and violating the sovereignty of that country.
3) A complete and total moratorium on all immigration should be put into place. Five years would be a good length of time. Immigration should be terminated for a) all Mexicans, especially those who, like La Raza and La Conquistadores, push for an erroneous idea that part of the American Southwest belongs to Mexico, and b) immigration from ALL Mid-east countries except Israel should be stopped. Those people, driven by their Koran, and by Islamic extremists, want to “kill all infidels.” Why should we invite them here to do it?
4) All illegals from whatever country should be rounded up and shipped back to the country from which they came. Bills should be sent to the governments of those countries, for the expenses they cost us and any damage they did while here.
5) Any new immigration reform bill needs to have updated procedures for tracking those who are now here; both as students and as tourists. Many people now come in and then disappear. The potential danger to American citizens should be apparent.
6) This is troubling. I’ve mentioned it before. Recent news reports of Russian Muslim immigrants traveling from Michigan to Ohio, West Virginia, and several other states purchasing TracFones, and other types  of cellphones in quantities,  coupled with the ominous reports of Muslim mosques here in the US being used as indoctrination centers to brainwash hapless young Americans whose public schools have failed to teach them about the good things of their own country and the facts about the two Chechen bombers of the Boston Marathon, can be coupled as evidence that Islamic jihadists are now and have been operating in the United States for some time.
TracFone incidents are an indication of preparations for building bombs (cellphones are used as triggers for IED’s), by Muslim terrorists anticipating spreading Islamic Jihad here with the use of those bombs. EXPLODING BOMBS IS AN ACT OF WAR, despite the fact that misguided liberals refuse to recognize it as such. Each bomb that explodes means killing and wounding Americans. Here in the US.
Any new immigration reforms need to take into consideration all of these things. That’s one more reason why Congress should declare a moratorium – until all facets of the immigration problem are fully  understood, and all the implications explored with any adverse situations corrected.
Where is it written that the United States must accept and encourage people from all over the world simply because THEY want to come here?

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