“. . . with liberty and justice for ALL.” Including George Zimmerman,

7/27/13 – Even though that six-person jury in the Trayvon Martin case acquitted George Zimmerman after only 15 hours of deliberations, misguided liberals, following the lead of their president who regularly disregards the law, refuse to respect the legal process and the jury verdict and are now calling for federal intervention; a Civil Rights case against Zimmerman, even though Zimmerman was acquitted.

Meanwhile, Angela Corey, a flaming liberal and the Special Prosecutor appointed in the case has now been indicted by a Florida citizen’s grand jury for falsifying the arrest warrant and the complaint that led to Zimmerman’s indictment for second degree murder. The indictment accuses Corey of withholding photographs of Zimmerman’s head injuries and falsely signing the arrest warrant under oath, knowing that there was no probable cause to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman. Recall that the Sheriff refused to arrest Zimmerman because he initially assessed the evidence and decided there was no probable cause, after which the [black] Mayor of Sanford, bowing to liberal activists rallying around Sanford demanding that Zimmerman be charged with murder, fired him and brought in Corey to handle the case.

Harvard Law School Professor and former flaming liberal converted to Conservatism, Alan Dershowitz, stated that [he thinks] Corey’s actions were unethical as well as illegal.


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