Immigration: Fixing a Broken System Will Not Be Easy.

Cheyenne, WY – Attempting to narrow the United States’ immigration debate to an understandable set of issues is no easy task. Bur one thing is clear to me: after almost 12 years since the horrible tragedy of 9/11 inflicted upon this nation by Muslims, few of our leaders really understand the complexity of the immigration system they have created. As a result, little or nothing has been done to fix it. And current proposals do not begin to address the real problems.

According to virtually every poll taken since that event, repairing a broken, porous border is  the number one issue for Republicans. But most Democrats could not care less. In fact, while  Republicans believe it to be a national security issue and scream for complete border security, Democrats ignore the issue and instead offer increasingly attractive incentives in the form of  welfare benefits, driver’s licenses, jobs, and even voting rights, to entice Mexicans to cross  our southern border illegally, thereby violating our sovereignty and, I should add, committing a criminal act as their very first upon the soil of their new country.

The year was 1992 when I first began following politics closely. I recall U.S. House member  Sonny Bono (R-CA) (of Sonny and Cher fame), during a Congressional debate, saying: “When  something is illegal it’s illegal. Enforce the law.” Sadly, our increasingly secularized, overly  permissive Society has not been impressed; either with the calls by Mr. Bono and others to enforce the law, or with the overwhelming need to close the borders. Also sadly, Mr. Bono is no longer in office, a level-headed Conservative House member not being what the voters in his California district wanted any longer.

That there IS an overwhelming need to close the border, both to illegal immigrants and to drug smugglers, is apparent to anyone who loves the United States and is aware of the problems caused in all parts of this country by illegal immigrants and illegal drugs. Those problems must change. But they cannot and will not change as long as the present Administration, which itself demonstrates daily not only its incompetence but its contempt for the law, remains in power.


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