Immigration: A Broken System

Cheyenne, WY – Did you know? Under existing law, once another country refuses to accept its people (those who crossed our borders illegally) for repatriation, the United States government is supposed to begin refusing to issue travel visas for citizens of that country to visit the U.S.

That can be a devastatingly effective tool. But unfortunately, the administrations of both the Democrat and Republican parties have, for years, refused to use it.

When you start denying student visas — or any narrow category that you want, it hits people of the ruling elite in that other country — so they start paying attention. [Denial of visas] is the best leverage we have with people in other countries, because they all want to come here, go to school here, go to Vegas, Disney World, or whatever. There have been over seven million immigrants in the past five years who have come into the United States.

So, here’s another part of the existing immigration system that’s broken and needs fixing. I will stick to what I’ve said several time this year:

1) No immigration law should be passed this year.

2) A five-year moratorium on ALL immigration should be placed in effect while the entire system is overhauled.

3) The number of immigrants allowed to enter this country annually should be substantially cut back. Over seven million people have entered this country in the past five years. That’s entirely too many for the country to assimilate. The results are showing. Anybody who is paying attention already knows that.

4) The concept of birthright citizenship should be eliminated. We are the only nation in the entire world which allows it. It has become so bad that people in some parts of the world come here on their vacations just to have their babies, so they can gain duel U.S. citizenship.

5) Security at both borders AND our ports, should be strengthened. It’s a national security issue, a criminal justice issue, and a moral issue.

6) A better method of tracking immigrants who come here, overstay their visas, and then disappear, needs to be devised and implemented, so immigrants who DO come here do not simply disappear or “get lost.”

Of course, there are other things wrong with the present system. But here are six reasons for studying it, learning to understand what we’ve created, and fixing it.


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