Greece – and a Travel Magazine

9/17/13. Cheyenne, WY – On a recent flight from Denver to Baltimore, I picked up one of those Sky Magazines; you know the kind – they encourage you to travel everywhere, even to places where you can get your throat cut or your wallet lifted the moment you leave your hotel.

But this took the cake. I’ll quote directly:

“After facing economic disaster, the Greek capital [Athens] is slowly bouncing back – and offering great deals for visitors.

“Protestors still gather daily in Syntagma Square in Athens and unemployment recently topped 27 percent, but Greece is showing signs of stability. . . ”

“. . . unemployment recently topped 27 percent . . . ” My God! That’s a higher unemployment rate than we experienced in the United States during the so-called Great Depression of the 1920s. Another example of a European-style failed Socialist country. And this is what Mr. Obama wants us to emulate?

“. . . 27 percent . . .” When my shock subsided (I had never seen this reported anywhere in our major media), I laughed until tears were rolling down my cheeks.


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