Christians Being Persecuted for their Beliefs; Atheists on the March in lots of places. Christians need to Go on the Offense.

10/28/13 – Yes! I’m sick and tired of Christians being persecuted for their beliefs. In fact, I’m sick and tired of so many Secular Humanists denying God publicly, and then trying to impose that view on the rest of us in this Christian nation of 310+ million people.

The latest attempt to eradicate God from the public square is going on at the Air Force Academy, located north of Colorado Spring, in El Paso County, Colorado. That state has recently moved from a solid Red State to a Blue one, and has adopted many Democrat policies; one recent move was to legalize marijuana, which has resulted in an increase of DUI arrests on I-25, leading north into Wyoming.

Officials at the Academy met this week to consider a response to a complaint by a group called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation to drop the phrase “so help me God” from the Academy’s honor oath. It happened to appear on a poster that the head of the group saw. What, exactly, gives this upstart group the authority and/or standing to complain is not known.

But some lady named “Mikey” Weinstein (that’s not a typo; her names is “Mikey”) regularly goes about searching for expressions of Christianity in the military. Finding this one, she immediately fired off a letter demanding it be changed. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins responded that this isn’t about imposing Christianity on atheists, because nobody’s forced to say “so help me God.” But it’s about imposing atheist views on everyone else.

The school hasn’t decided what to do yet. But if this group really thinks they’re going to stop military people from calling on God, then they must not know many veterans who’ve had to look down the barrel of a gun. Let’s hope Air Force Academy personnel will stand firm against this latest push by Atheists to remove any and all references to God from the public forum, in a nation that was founded upon a belief in a deity.


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