The Cultural Revolution and The March of Secular Humanism

11/15/13 – The cultural revolution preached by Marxism is continuing its “long march” (to borrow a phrase from Mao Tse Tung) through the institutions of the West, like a giant scythe slicing through a field of wheat. It is succeeding where the violent revolutions of Lenin and Mao failed.

Why is this happening? It appears to be simply because of the failure of Christians generally, both its leaders and its people, to understand and keep up with that cultural revolution in the form of Post-Modernism and its spawn, Secular Humanism.

While most Christians relax in front of their TVs at night, and watch their favorite baseball or football games on the weekends, the so-called cultural revolution is effecting a transvaluation of all values. And the march of Secular Humanism is NOT interested in a truce with either Christianity, or with the Roman Catholic Church, the church of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, or its present leader, Pope Francis. Instead, it is determined to triumph over the Roman Catholic Church, the church which it reviles as its greatest enemy in its struggle for the minds of the men and women who make up humanity.

Indeed, after decades of culture war waged against Christianity, the over 1,200 other churches which make up that religion still appear “at war” with each other, and due perhaps to envy, jealousy, and various forms of bias and bigotry, cannot seem to even identify, much less unite and cooperate against the common enemy.

So, our civilization is being de-Christianized. Popular culture is a running sewer. Promiscuity and pornography are pandemic, as are the diseases which spring from them. Homosexuality and Lesbianism, if one believes their lobby and the supportive Media, are on the rise. So-called same sex marriage is spreading, while people are deceived by and fall victim to the argument of “fairness.” One only needs to turn on a TV any evening and look at a few of the so-called “comedies” being currently offered, to experience the stench.

In Europe? The Christian churches and Jewish synagogues are emptying out as the mosques fill up. In America, Bible reading and prayer have been outlawed in our public schools by administrators steeped in the Secular Humanist philosophy, as parents scratch their heads in wonderment at how these people get into the positions of influence they now hold. Crime rates skyrocket, while moral values are purged from the public forum, and uninformed Christians stand by passively and let it happen. Finally, even Christian displays dealing with Thanksgiving and Christmas are purged from public squares, and only minor opposition is mounted by a few courageous organizations such as the American Center for Law and Justice, Judicial Watch, and the Alliance Defending Freedom, which, to engage in the fight, are forced to scramble for funds from an apathetic public which will not open its collective pocketbook to help, even to save itself from the onslaught and the destruction which is bearing down upon us like an out-of-control freight train.


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