“A Person of the Lie”

11/20/13 – According to M. Scott Peck, M.D., in his book, People of the Lie, “lying is both a cause and a manifestation of evil. It is partly by their lying that we [can] recognize their [a person’s] evil.”

In his excellent book, Dr. Peck used Linden Johnson as an example, to prove his point. I think what he said can be applied, as well, to Barack Hussein Obama.

Have we seen enough of the actions of the man currently occupying our White House to be able to discern that he is lying? I think so. Many of his supporters are even now disputing this, especially with regard to Obama’s statements as he attempts to sell his health care ideas. Their antics are a comical exercise in twisted logic as they try, vainly, I think, to justify their man’s constant bending of the truth.

But it seems to me that President Obama “does not want the people of the United States to fully know and understand what he is doing. He clearly understands that what he is doing”, his Socialist, even Communist policies, his so-called Progressivism, his disastrous foreign policy efforts, his appointments of unqualified people [i.e., Communists, Socialists, Muslims] to public offices, “would be ultimately unacceptable to us. In masking his real intentions from the people” during his two elections and afterwards, [“We live in the greatest country in the world. Now help me to change it”], Yes, he actually said that, and [“I seek to fundamentally change America”], he actually said that, too, “he has defrauded the American people. That is not only evil in itself, but is also evidence of his awareness of the evil of his actions, since he [feels] compelled to cover them up . . .” to disguise them behind the rhetoric of an American Conservative and patriot. That in itself, is a lie.


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