11/29/13 – The Obama Administration, School Unions, The Holder Justice Department, and School Voucher Programs

11/29/13 – It’s the day after Thanksgiving, it’s Black Friday, and it’s also the day when most of us have had enough turkey, cranberry sauce. and stuffing, to last until at least Christmas.

For me, it’s back to the daily grind; my Private Investigative business, my Blog, my Facebook wall, etc. Here’s my latest effort. It’s about tax-payer funded school vouchers.

Unless you’ve been traveling to Mars for the last five years, you know that President Barrack Hussein Obama’s two daughters attend the Sidwell Friends, an exclusive private school in a Maryland suburb just outside the District of Columbia. The place costs parents of attendees $40,000 annually, not to mention books, and extras, such as field trips, etc. Needless to say, most parents of African-American children cannot come close to raising that kind of cash, thus condemning their children to the dysfunctional schools in Washington, D. C.

It’s much the same in other large cities around the nation; black children sentenced to the worst of the public schools. So it seems that our nation’s “first black president” would be gung-ho for efforts to throw a lifeline to these kids by applauding legislation everywhere to fund school choice vouchers.

Yet, Attorney General Eric Holder, who holds our nation’s highest law enforcement position, has attacked public school choice wherever he has found it. His latest effort? the State of Louisiana.

In 2010, the country’s first American Indian governor, Bobby Jindal and the legislature in that state enacted something called “The Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence” law. According to an article by former Maryland Governor Robert L Ehrlich, printed in the liberal Baltimore sun on November 17, 2013, it is “similar to other school choice programs around the country and provides taxpayer-funded vouchers to qualifying poor children who would otherwise be forced to attend an underperforming public school.”

The Louisiana Supreme Court did not agree with Governor Jindal’s effort and struck down the law last spring, saying that the program’s funding source was “constitutionally problematic.” Undaunted, Jindal was able to find $40 million in the budget to fund this year’s vouchers.

But the Obama Justice Department then entered the fray. “The vouchers,” it said, “violates desegregation orders operating in thirty-four of Louisiana’s school districts . . . . because use of the vouchers changes the racial composition of the failing public schools.”

A novel approach, but understandable for Democrats and a Democrat Administration, one of whose major allies is the public school unions, who simply do not like any school voucher programs. Period.

And understandable for the Holder Justice Department, which has become politicized by Mr. Obama, and now simply supports anything he want to do.

Again, according to Mr. Ehrlich’s article in the Baltimore sun on November 17, 2013, “. . . this one is not even a close call. . . . African-American parents and grandparents of those fortunate enough to be chosen for the program are steadfast in their support; these families appreciate an opportunity when they see one. . . . They, and others, mostly Republicans, have stepped forward on behalf of the kids.” This issue is not going away. Stay tuned.


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