Some Thoughts on Secular Humanism

1/30/14 – You can see it everywhere, now, if you’re paying attention. Yesterday at breakfast, I began talking about Secular Humanism, and a friend at the table asked me, “Exactly what is Secular Humanism?”

I told him that, in one of the most serious mistakes ever made by the courts in this country, it had been defined, years ago, as a religion, and some people considered it to have taken its place right along with all the other religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and, yes, even Satanism.

He looked at me for a minute and then said, “Well, if it’s a religion, and if there is such a thing as Separation of Church and State, and if other religions now can’t be mentioned in schools, then why are we allowing Secular Humanism to be taught in our public schools?”

I think that’s a good question. The answer: probably because so few people actually understand what it is and how it is inserting itself into, influencing and even actually driving so many things, and destroying everything we value.

1/30/14 – Continuing with my posts about what Secular Humanism actually is. This is a quote from Tim La Haye’s book, Mind Siege: “Secular Humanism is a Religious worldview. We tend to think that [only] a belief in God is a religion, but actually it is more accurate to say that one’s belief in God – no matter what it may be – is a religious belief.

“Thomas Jefferson, in the debate over the 1st Amendment, defined religion to include ‘all believers or unbelievers of the Bible.’ This principle applies equally to believers or unbelievers in God.” [So, if we are to follow what Jefferson said], if belief and its accompanying biblical moral values are expelled from our public schools, then so also should Secular Humanist unbelief and its resulting amorality be ejected.”

That means we could and should raise this point in School Board meetings across this nation, objecting to our tax money being used to teach Secular Humanist propaganda to our children. Of course, many School Board officials will say they do not understand what you’re talking about, even while embracing each and every one of the Secular Humanist ideas being suggested for education. But, it’s up to us to educate them.

1/30/14 – To demonstrate why and how Secular Humanism is considered a religious worldview. here’s a summary of what all “good” Secular Humanist seem to believe:

1) They believe in no God,

2) they believe in matter as somehow eternal,

3) they believe in spontaneous generation, i.e., that something came from nothing,

4) they believe that Man is simply an evolving animal,

5) they believe in no moral absolutes,

6) they believe that humanist Man, not God, is the final authority,

7) they believe in the innate goodness and malleability of Man,

8) they believe in no soul or spirit,

9) they believe in all sorts of new sexual “rights” and very little if any in the way of sexual “responsibilities,”

10) they believe in no eternal law,

11) they believe in Humanist rule, which they call “Democracy”, but which differs from our definition and view of it,

12) they believe in a one world, socialist government,

13) they believe in no judgment or afterlife.


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