The Legalization of Marijuana Bandwagon – and Liberal Obstinacy in the Face of The Facts

8/9/14 – CHEYENNE, WY – On June 26, 2014, I blogged about word coming from the Colorado Detox Network, which related that the latest DUI/DWI stats show an increased number – a doubling – of cases in Colorado in the last six months where marijuana was found in the blood of drivers killed in auto accidents. See “Detox Network Sees Pot Spike in Colorado After Legalization,” By: Anthony J. Sacco, Sr., June 26, 2014.

Apparently the Detox Network is under attack by liberals, secular humanists, and others bent on discrediting their research in order to justify Colorado’s legalization of pot and encourage the blossoming movement for other states to legalize it as well. “Misery loves company!”

My comments? For some reason liberals seem to want more people in the United States running around stoned – on whatever. Marijuana seems to be their drug of choice just now. To me, it seems like part of their plan to reduce the status of the United States in the world in any and every way possible. To many, it is a way for them to alter their minds so as not to have to deal with their problems in a world growing more complex daily.

It was the beginning of legalization when we accepted the medical marijuana proponent’s arguments that legalizing it for medical reasons was a good thing. That was like the proverbial camel getting its nose under the tent. It was a tragic mistake, but once it happened the rest was, as they say, history.

What would you expect Colorado authorities, liberals, secular humanists and others to say?” They legalized the stuff with no regard – or rather, with complete disregard – for the extensive medical data about its harmful effects. Why did they do it? Two of the major reasons they cite is money and criminality; they claimed that the state could use the revenue from its sale, and that if it were legalized, illegal drug trafficking would dry up. Both have already proven to be liberal fantasies, as have so many other liberal “solutions” to so many problems. Maybe the reason I mention in paragraph three above is the correct one. Or, maybe they did it just because they wanted to.

Here’s a comment by Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., a former Republican governor of the State of Maryland, regarding this problem: he writes a weekly national column, and my father-in-law sends it to me regularly. This appeared on 8/3/14:

“Fact: The mind altering ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in today’s marijuana is far more potent than the 1970s brand.
Opinion: The legalization of marijuana in Washington State and Colorado and the drug’s increased potency are raising red flags in the public health community, particularly regarding potential adverse cardiovascular impact. Other areas of concern include lung problems, memory impairment and poor cognitive performance – particularly among young people. But don’t expect THC content to decrease any time soon. Market-savvy producers know the more concentrated product can be marketed in smaller volume at higher prices. Just another thought for your consideration as states continue to scramble aboard the legalization (and revenue) bandwagon.”


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