“A Dictatorship of Relativism . . .”

8/23/14 – Cheyenne, WY – In 2005, Pope Benedict XVI said, “We are living in a world which has largely surrendered to a dictatorship of relativism. And the consequences of moral and cultural relativism are abundant. Among your peers, this is most borne out in the consequences of the technocratic materialism that dominates our cultural worldview.”

Just a year or two later, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, recently retired from Hunter College, whose thought embodies the deepest wisdom of our civilization said, “Never in the History of Mankind has the average man had so many material possessions and yet never has he been more restless and unhappy.”

And, in his 2014 Commencement address at the Wyoming Catholic College, the Most Reverend James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln NE, said, “Technocracy spreads loneliness and unsettling individualism: we’re isolated by our screens, and social media, and streaming video. A world measured by Facebook “likes” and Twitter “followers” is isolating – we’re culturally conditioned towards self-promotion. But this often comes at the detriment of authentic human relationships. Our possessions are making us lonely.”

Having recognized this unfortunate trend, this modern day phenomena, is not to say that all of it is bad. None of these three authorities is saying that. They are simply issuing a caution – do not let technocracy interfere with or destroy your capacity to engage in and enjoy human relationships. The results are sometimes disastrous.


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