“I Am Ashamed: Ashamed to Tears . . .”

8/26/14 – Cheyenne, WY – In September 1993, the Alliance Defense Fund (later re-named Alliance Defending Freedom) was formed. Having received a generous contribution from a family, Alan Sears, its first Director, related this story:

” . . . because of such a generous gift, I made a pilgrimage to say ‘thank you’. When I found their very modest home, I was warmly greeted and ushered into their living room. There was almost no furniture and I found myself sitting on what was the back seat of a minivan they were using as a couch. Later, they graciously took me to dinner at a restaurant which would accept their 2-for-1 coupons.

The family had long since committed, they told me, to giving three-fourths of their income to the Lord and His work. That didn’t allow for a lot of fine furnishings and expensive meals. But, they were more than willing to live simply, and even live without, if it meant investing in the Kingdom of God.

Now, whenever I make a financial decision, I think of that family.”

NOTE: Now? Reading Mr. Sear’s anecdote, I am uncomfortable as I realize that I am unable, no, unwilling, to imitate these kind, generous people.To give the customary Christian tithe of ten percent seems, at times, an overwhelming burden. At those times I grit my teeth, muster a smile, and hope the Lord will understand why I cannot do more; why I cannot do the type of sacrificial giving which this family does as a regular routine.

And, I am ashamed; ashamed to tears.


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