9/15/14 – Random Thoughts on Immigration and Muslims.

9/14/14 – Serious questions are being raised about ISIS and other terrorist groups’ intentions regarding carrying out attacks in the United States. Can they do it? Contrary to what many of our leaders are saying (the ones like Obama, who claim “nothing can defeat us,” I believe we are vulnerable.

1) It’s been thirteen years since the horrific 9/11 tragedy, but we still have unsecured borders, north and south, and unprotected ports, east and west. And we still have no system of tracking foreigners who come here legally with passports or visas, and then disappear.

All that makes me wonder what the hell our leaders are doing? They’re getting paid well, but they do not seem to be dealing with the REAL problems facing our nation. I’m NOT referring to Obama and HIS administration; they are simply a bunch of incompetents who do not have the best interests of the United States at heart, and do not seem to know what to do or how to govern. I’m talking about the majority of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, for example, who drag down a monthly paycheck and expense money, but do not follow through with anything.

Securing our southern border? That’s an example. A fence was supposed to have been built and the border secured with the latest technology and enough manpower to stop illegal Mexicans, Central and South Americans, Muslims, and drug and human smugglers from entering; little, if anything has been done. Meanwhile hundreds, if not thousands cross int our country. The Open Borders crowd and the Anti-Sovereignty crowd crow openly as their goals are fostered.

2) 9/14/14 – The Obama Administration is planning a series of air strikes in both Syria and Iraq, against the so-called Islamic State, which is simply a group of radical Islamics who seek to dominate the entire world and establish a Caliphate under Sharia law.

Obama’s military advisors, after considering his “plan” or “strategy,” have been coming out, one at a time, and saying that air power alone will not defeat this kind of enemy, and that we will need to once again place troops on the ground in Iraq. I agree. But, Obama, who claims he does not want to get the United States into “a long, drawn-out war…” will do exactly that if he does not listen to his military advisors. But, his brand of radical liberal hates the military and has nothing but contempt for them. So, will he listen? No. Not unless we force him to do so.
been done. We now have armed citizen groups, fed up with what’s happening, taking it upon themselves to do what our federal government is supposed to do; secure our borders against all enemies.

3) 9/14/14 – According to Nationally-syndicated columnist, Cal Thomas, “The United States is vulnerable to the Islamic scourge simply because of a false belief among much of our population that we can ‘convert ideological and religious fundamentalists into pluralistic, tolerant people’ by exposing them to our way of life.” I think he’s right. That IS a false belief.

And, it’s because of that false belief that our immigration laws are such that “we continue to allow them [Muslims] to come here. And, once here, we allow them to build mosques and set up schools, at least some of which teach hatred of Jews, Christians and all Western values.” That needs to be stopped.

Our immigration laws must be amended to reflect current world conditions: that means NO more Muslims allowed to emigrate here from Mid-Eastern nations. This is NOT an argument in favor of so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Thomas again: “While not all immigrating Muslims are terrorists . . . not all holding to the same ideology or hatred of the West, there are enough radicals among them to constitute a clear and present danger.”

4) 9/14/14 – Among the many serious problems facing the United States as a result of this “open borders” immigration policy of liberal Democrats, is what to do about the number of Muslim immigrants or American citizens who have been radicalized by imams while here, and go to fight for our enemies. But, very few are saying or doing anything about it.

In fact, the Council of American-Islamic Relations regularly intimidates politicians and the major media with cries of “Islamophobia” when anyone warns of the radical’s agenda. It has gotten so bad that the Center for Immigration Studies points out: “Since the November 1990 assassination of Rabbvi Meier Kahane by an Eqyptian, the immigrant Muslim community has been associated with a great number of violent incidents . . . In its long history of immigration, the United States has never encountered so violent prone and radicalized a community as the Muslims who have arrived since 1965.”

5) 915/14 – Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., usually a RINO to whom I do not listen, said something that our military leaders are now saying, about Mr, Obama’s so-called “strategy” for dealing with the Islamic threat of ISIS:

” . . . the administration is “delusional” if it thinks it can crush ‘a radical Islamic army’ without a major commitment of U.S. forces. . . .”

Well, I’ve been saying exactly that for weeks. It’s a matter of assessing the threat properly. Senator Graham has been sounding a bit more Conservative/Hawkish lately. Is there an election coming up???

6) 9/15/14 – For many years, it has been an established principle that the United States does not negotiate with terrorists. We do not pay them a ransom. Nor do we engage in a prisoner exchange.

But, in the Bergdahl case, the Obama Administration jettisoned that policy with not just a one-for-one trade of prisoners, but exchanging an entire front-line group of dangerous militants for one U.S. soldier, who was quite possibly a deserter.

This incident raises troubling issues; 1) Is a precedent set when we pay a ransom, either money or a person, for a kidnap victim? 2) Does such a willingness to negotiate with the bad guys encourage kidnapping of United States citizens in other hot spots?

Al-Qaida in North Africa participates regularly in kidnappings to raise money for its terrorist activities. I think it is a unfortunate circumstance that we have a Democrat Administration in power, which has neither the ability to lead, nor the capability to think of consequences a few moves down the road.

7) 9/15/14 – So, who, exactly, were these dangerous people the Democrat Obama Administration released in exchange for one American soldier? Here’s a brief description of each:

a) a founding member of the Taliban and liaison to former al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

b) A former provincial governor during the Taliban rule, who is a continuing figure in encouraging acts of aggression.

c) a deputy minister of intelligence in the Taliban government, who assists in forming alliances with other Islamic fundamentalist groups.

d) a former Taliban army chief suspected of personally supervising the murder of thousands of Shiite Muslims. He is believed likely to quickly rejoin hostilities against U.S. and Afghan forces.

e) A suspect in a joint al-Qaida Taliban cell and ne of the most significant former Taliban leaders ever detained at Guantanamo. Looking at this, I cannot think anything but that it was a very bad deal for the United Sates. And, that’s something which fits nicely into Mr. Obama’s agenda to weaken the United States on the world scene.

8) 9/15/14 – This is a quote from Glenn Beck: “So, the president has the most powerful microphone on the planet. The slightest thing from the president reverberates… We have been joking ISIS, ISIL, what’s the difference. You say tomato; I say tomato. It makes a big difference because of this: ISIL includes Levant, which includes the area we like to call Israel. Obama has come under fire for underestimating the threat of this ‘jayvee team’ wreaking havoc across the Middle East and threatening the western way of life, and yet he continuously refers to them as ISIL. [Why?] They changed their name because they’re now saying, ‘We are bigger than this. We are bigger than Iraq and Syria. We are Iraq, Syria, and Levant,’ What that means is: they have designs that go from Iran through Egypt. There is no Israel. . . .So by the President saying ‘this is ISIL,’ [he] is sending the message: I know . . . what lands you are planning to take. The President knows who these guys are. [But] he’s not telling you who they are. He’s trying to downplay that they are putting together a caliphate from Egypt to Iran. It does not include Israel. Maybe we should have a frank conversation about what’s really going on.”


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