Thoughts on the New Republican-Led Congress – After only One Week on the Job

Cheyenne, WY – 1/11/15; The new Congress has been working for only five days. I will admit to being impressed with the speed with which this Republican-led Congress has passed legislation. NOTE: There now should be NO doubt in anybody’s mind who set up the roadblocks that stopped Congress from dealing with the nation’s problems for the last six years. Democrats led by Harry Reid in the Senate.

The 114th Congress started five days ago and has already passed two bills dealing with serious issues in Obamacare and also passed a major bill to allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Legislation for this pipeline had previously passed the House. It was approved by the President’s own State Department and the states through which the pipeline will pass. The House has also introduced five anti-abortion bills, a move which drew the ire of pro-choice advocates, who characteristically mischaracterized what was being done as “interfering” with a woman’s right to choose, instead of what it is; trying to save unborn babies from being killed.

The Republican Senate has now taken up and passed the bi-partisan pipeline legislation and sent it to the President’s desk for signature. Hold on. What has been the White House response? A veto threat.

Construction of this pipeline would create jobs, grow our economy, and shore up North America’s global energy leadership. Yet, President Barack Hussein Obama has threatened to veto it. Can you believe that? If he does, it will clearly show his lack of concern for the people of the United States; those who have left the labor force and those who have given up looking for work. And if he does, will there be enough Democrats willing to join with Republicans to override his veto? Things are getting interesting.


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