SF 115 – Sexual Identity Bill Goes Down to Defeat.

2/25/15 – Cheyenne, WY. Yesterday, the Wyoming Legislature bravely, and correctly, I think, killed a bill which would have banned discrimination against sexual orientation or gender identity as a bias in the business world.

The bill would have created yet another “protected class” by statute, adding to the state’s anti-discrimination statutes already on the books that include race, age, disability and political affilation. (That’s right; political affiliation.)

It would have also established a de facto preference for those included in the protected class. It is the brainchild of a group of activists who seem to think that the behavior of homosexuals, lesbians, and crossdressing individuals is to be considered as normal.

I may publish the names of ALL the sponsors tomorrow. These are people who have been so influenced by Secular Humanism that they have bought into its pernicious influence. Sorry, but I do not agree with them and their attempt to push yet another social experiment down the throats of our society, while subtly attacking the concept that God, our Creator, has somehow made a mistake.

Our state Constitution defines gender, incorrectly, I think, as “male and female.” That’s the definition of “sex” not gender; gender is simply “masculine” or “feminine”. But, right or wrong on that, moving away from that definition to something, a condition of some type, “perceived” by the individual, is to move away from a person’s biological origins. Trying THAT would not work and would be a terrible mistake. Let’s not forget what the Secular Humanist don’t want us to remember: that God is responsible for those biological origins: in Genesis, the Bible says, “Male and Female He made them.”

God does not make mistakes, no matter what the Secular Humanists of our day seem to think. For them? Ah! There’s the rub.

One last point: SF115 was a bad bill. It would have encumbered businesses, endangered women and children by permitting males to use female restrooms, inconvenienced men by permitting women to use men’s facilities, produced major difficulties in schools by permittiing girls to use boy’s locker rooms to suit up for sports and boys to use girl’s locker rooms for the same purpose, and worst of all, compromised religious freedom. For these reasons, other states have considered this move, but have refused to add sexual orientation and gender identity to their anti-discrimination statutes.

In my opinion, this bill failed primarily because, in the last analysis, religious freedom is deeply rooted in the heart and soul of Wyoming and of the nation.


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