No. Please. Not Another Bush. Not Another Clinton, Either.

Cheyenne, WY. 4/18/15 – Heard possible (probable) Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, the other night speaking somewhere. That was shortly after Obama Nominee Loretta Lynch told a Senate committee that she thought Obama’s power grab was “perfectly constitutional.”

Bush said the Senate needed to confirm Lynch as Attorney General. With that opinion, Jeb confirms HIS RINO status, something many of us knew already. In many ways, he’s more Democrat than he is Republican. His reasoning? “The President is entitled to have the people he nominates confirmed by the Senate.”

Now, let me see; following that reasoning, if the President nominated Charles Manson or Jeffrey Daumer to an office in his Administration, he’d be entitled to have them confirmed? I don’t think so!

On nominations by a sitting president, the Constitution says the Senate has the duty to “advise and consent,” Mr. Bush. You might want to read that document again.


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