4/28/15 – The Congress and the Unconstitutional President

4/28/15 – Good Morning. It’s clear! President Barack Hussein Obama, whose birth certificate several forensic experts have said is a faked document, seems willing to do anything he can – legally or illegally – to impose his radical agenda on the people of the United States.

It also seems clear that the newly elected Republican-led Congress, with a few exceptions, does not have the political will or courage to oppose him. As the Senate confirmation of the unqualified Loretta Lynch last week shows, Congress seems unwilling or unable to oppose Obama’s Communist/Socialist agenda, which I believe, is designed to weaken the United States.

Even many of the newly-elected Conservative House and Senate Republicans have, so far, shown little or no courage in promoting key issues such as repealing Obamacare, blocking Obama’s unconstitutional power grab on illegal immigration (executive amnesty), and passing a balanced budget.

It looks as if it’s going to be up to us to push these spineless members – and push hard – to get them to do what we, the people, want them to do.


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