The Homosexual/Lesbian Strategy to Radically Change the United States’ Perception of Homosexual Behavior.

5/10/15 – In my last post, I talked about the strategy devised by Homosexual/Lesbian supporters, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, and published in a 1987 article called, The Overwhelming of Straight America,” and a 1989 book, titled “After the Ball.”

These homosexual activists laid out a six-point strategy which, they felt, would radically change America’s perception of homosexuality. Here are the six points:

1) Talk about gays and gayness as loudly and as often as possible,
2) Portray gays as victims, not as aggressive challengers,
3) Give homosexual protectors a “just” cause,
4) Make gays look good,
5) Make the victimizers look bad,
6) Solicit funds. The buck stops here, (i.e. make corporate America and major foundations to financially support the homosexual cause.

All six of these points have been implemented and are being played out successfully in the United States, with little or no opposition from anybody, except for a few groups. Thes six points will be discussed by me in later articles, as will the groups standing in opposition to this vile movement.


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