Regarding Immigration, Donald Trump Has Done What Others Have Failed to Do.

7/6/15. Cheyenne, WY – One odd thing about this Trump controversy: objective evidence proves that Trump’s remarks about Mexican illegals are correct. Every year, hundreds, if not thousands of incidents involving illegal aliens and the commission, by them, of serious crimes in the United States, against the people of the United States, take place. But, the present Administration does nothing to negotiate with the Mexican government to enforce its borders, and there seems to be a politically correct machine of some sort pushing many Republican politicians to attack the truth.

Of the nineteen Republicans running for the presidency, to my knowledge as of this date, only three – Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and Donald Trump – have taken a position on the issue.

Example: in May, 27-year-old Ramiro Ajualip, an illegal alien, “was charged with first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy, both Class A felonies in Alabama.

Example: Last month, El Salvadoran illegal immigrant Mauricio Hernandez was sentenced to 50 years in prison after raping a …13-year-old in Texas.

Example: Consider Bernabe Flores, an illegal alien from Mexico, who admitted earlier this year in a New York court that he raped a 12-year-old girl. He is 30, and he pleaded guilty to first-degree rape, a felony.

Now we have Francisco Sanchez, another Mexican, who shoots and kills a white woman who was simply out for a stroll with her father.

Aside from the obvious fact that the major liberal media, has its own agenda on the issue: ending the sovereignty of the United States and pursuing a policy of open borders – both ours and around the world – possibly to bring about a one world government, it seems to me that many of our leaders are not interested in ending or even controlling the illegal alien problem. If they were, they’d have already caused that border fence to be completed and supported with the latest electronic equipment, AND they’d have already amended the immigration law to preclude Mexicans AND possibly even Muslims from coming here, AND they’d have already taken steps against the corrupt Mexican government to force them to stop allowing their people to cross our border; i.e. suspension of trade agreements, delaying or discontinuing promised aid, halting any arms shipments that might be in the pipeline, abrogating any existing agreements to purchase their oil, AND they’d have already affirmed E-Verify to stop businesses in the United States from employing illegal aliens, AND they’d have arrested illegals at the border and turned them around there, AND they’d have already taken serious steps against the Mexican drug cartels, to close them down and stop them from crossing into our country with their product.

At least Donald Trump has focused public attention on the problem and has succeeded in getting many United States citizens and at least one media giant, Fox News, busy discussing it. Posts like this one have appeared on Facebook, on Twitter, and other social media, over the last two week.


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