10/14/15 – Cheyenne, WY: Another Mass Shooting.

Another mass shooting. Predictably, the liberals, the so-called progressives, and our Communist/Socialist President, myopic about the problem, scream “Gun Control” – again and again. They do not seem to understand: guns do not kill people. People with guns kill people. To continue to say that guns kill people is like saying “Cars kill people,” or “trains kill people,” or “buses kill people.” The thing is not the proximate cause. The persons who pull the trrigger, drive a car, train or bus in a careless or irresponsible manner?  They are the proximate cause.

In my view, in the United States there are two parts to this problem:

1) a failure of morality. This takes the form of a lack of respect for life – the blame for this may be, partially at least, placed at the feet of weak, not very well educated religious leaders who do not seem able to mount a serious offensive to convince the general public to value and respect life from the moment of conception until natural death. So, when disputes arise, people often turn to violence.

2) a failure of psychiatry, which seems intent on carving out a nitch for its practitioners, rather than identifying and actually treating mentally ill people. The goal should be the curing of its sufferers. But, Psychiatrists, victims of the liberal philosophy, refuse to recognize that mentally ill people should be hospitalized. Back before about 1950, our Society did hospitalize the mentally ill. But once the liberals took over, that ceased to be done. So, the mentally ill run loose, untreated, some sleeping on grates or in abandoned buildings, many exposed to harm by those who prey upon them, others causing the sort of harm of the mass shooter, to others.

Dictators and their ilk, liberals seeking control of people’s lives, of course want to disarm everybody. That’s what they do. They argue against the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees individuals the right to keep and bear arms. They disregard history.

The solutions are there, easy to see. But, our Society, controlled by liberals, apparently has no will to deal with and correct the problem, other than by removing constitutional rights from the people. If they were to succeed in revoking the Second Amendment, they’d open the door wide for a despot, any despot, to subjugate the people.

People with the right to keep and bear arms are called “citizens.” People without that right are called “peasants.”


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