Seven Months in; 99 Days to Go!

By Jeff Roe on 10/24/15:

NOTE: Jeff Roe is a political operative who may be working directly for the Ted Cruz campaign. I’m not certain but will attempt to find out and report my findings here. Roe has worked for other candidates in the past and appears to be building the Cruz organization from the ground up.

Yesterday was a pivotal day for two reasons. First, it was seven months since Ted Cruz launched this campaign at Liberty University. And second, yesterday marked 100 days until the Iowa Caucus. I wanted to take a moment to share with you a snapshot of the organization we’ve built and we will utilize in the next 99 days to win in Iowa and then ultimately clinch the Republican nomination.


As was observed in National Review on Thursday, “[t]o win the GOP primary and, more important, the general election, a candidate must be able to play to both grassroots supporters and the major donors.” The Cruz for President Campaign has demonstrated its ability to play ball in both fields at levels unmatched by our competition in the Republican field. Since launching the campaign:
•$27.5 million raised in hard dollars – the second most in the Republican field
•$13.8 million in cash on hand – the most in the Republican field
•Received over 380,000 donations
•$38.4 million raised by supporting Super PACs
•$66 average contribution in the most recent fundraising quarter
•6,000 sustainers who give a monthly amount that provides enough recurring revenue to cover our field operation.


We are truly building a grassroots army across the nation. Ours was the first campaign to announce county chairs in each of the first four primary and caucus states, and we’ve already begun putting them to work recruiting precinct chairs, making phone calls, and knocking on doors.

Beyond the first four states, we’re building leadership teams in the March 1st “SEC Primary” states where, in August, we conducted the #CruzCountry Bus Tour allowing Ted to connect with nearly 20,000 people.

In total, we have over 650 State Leadership Team members across America, and we’re expanding the map even further – focusing on winning delegates in the territories. It’s an effort GOP insiders “agree that no other campaign appears to have matched.”


Seven months ago, Ted was polling at just 4 percent nationwide. Today, we’re frequently polling both in double digits and in third place in both Iowa and nationwide.

We’ve also had tremendous success bringing together a broad spectrum of conservatives from across the nation to support the campaign. In recent weeks, Ted has placed first in straw polls and caucuses conducted by FreedomWorks, the Values Voter Summit, the North Carolina Tea Party Constitutional Caucus, and the 603 Alliance. He even had a strong second place showing in Rand Paul’s back yard – the Republican Liberty Caucus.


All senior staff has relocated, including my family and me, to Houston full-time to dedicate our focus to this campaign and build an unrivaled team. In addition, while many campaigns outsource much of their operation, our fundraising, data and analytics, social media, and press teams all operate in-house.

There are several benefits to operating this way, but chief among them is a cohesiveness that is only made possible by sharing an office and frequent communication.

And by what you can see above, it’s paying off. Whether comparing fundraising, grassroots organization, or social media interaction, Ted ranks at or near the top. And now that is beginning to transition to success in the polls as well.

With unparalleled fundraising success, a grassroots organization second to none, and this remarkable team of courageous conservatives from all across the country dedicated to making Ted our next President, we are well prepared for the 99 days ahead, but now is no time to rest on our laurels. On to Iowa. On to Victory.


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