The Roman Catholic Church and Priestly Vocations

1/24/16 – CHEYENNE, WY. Everybody knows that the Roman Catholic Church is feeling the pinch from a lack of priests. It badly needs priestly vocations. But sadly, its leaders do not have a clue. They do not seem to know what to do to swell the ranks of its priests.

Not so in the Diocese of Wyoming, where an attempt is being made, by its thoughtful and far-sighted Bishop, to do something about the problem. This prayer was written by him and distributed to all parishes several months ago. It is recited at every  church service each Sunday. Some of us pray it every day after our evening meal.

With a couple of changes to more fully focus on the problem and its solution, I am reproducing it here:


Lord Jesus, as you gave us the Eucharist and your life you said,
“Do this in memory of me.”
May all your disciples, priests, religious and laymen, fulfill
your command of love.

Raise up in our Diocese
strong, courageous, healthy, humble men to the Priesthood,
faithful, committed men and women to the Consecrated life,
and holy men and women with the Servant mentality, to Married Life.

May all hear your call to holiness
and have the courage to
respond with generous hearts.



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