Does Anybody Know Who Charles Hurt Is?

CHEYENNE, WY. 2/2/16 – Not that anybody should. I tried to find out. The best I could do was to find a reference to him as a staff reporter for the Washington Times, the solidly Conservative newspaper I read fairly regularly. So, I was shocked, this morning, to see this headline on his article about the results of the Iowa Caucuses last night. “Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus. But, he will not be the Republican candidate for president.” Geez!

He goes on: “At least not if recent history is any guide. It has been 16 years since Republican caucus-goers here have accurately picked the eventual GOP nominee for president. In other words, not once in this entire century has Iowa picked the winner for Republicans.” He writes as if “this entire century” has already lasted . . . well, an entire century.

Mr. Hurt seems overly concerned about the results of the Iowa Caucus the last two elections. “Cruz joins former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and ex-Senator Rick Santorum, who won the caucuses in 2008 and 2012, respectively. Neither Mr. Huckabee nor Mr. Santorum were able to convert those Iowa victories into any kind of groundswell of support outside the frozen cornfields of Iowa. . . .”

Well, except for that part about “. . . the frozen cornfields of Iowa . . .” it was true. Neither made it to the Republican nomination. But, I’ve got news for Mr. Hurt and any other of the Republican RINOs who are following things as this election cycle kicks off: Mr. Cruz is NOT a Huckabee or a Santorum. Mr. Cruz has that fire in the belly that they lacked! Further, he has been fighting the fight – our fight in the Senate since he arrived there almost four years ago. More intelligent, more politically savvy, morally sound, more determined, he will not collapse after one victory.

Yes, I know. New Hampshire, more liberal now than it’s ever been, presents a serious obstacle for Mr. Cruz and any Conservative; or any Republican for that matter. But, no presidential candidate ever became a president unless he hurdled serious obstacles.

Will Ted Cruz hurdle the serious obstacle of New Hampshire and its liberals, stoked and fed as they are every day by the ultra-liberal Boston Globe? Will his ground game carry him to another victory? We’ll see. That test is only seven days away.



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