Major Liberal Media Allied with Islam in its War Against the World

CHEYENNE, WY – 3/28/16: The major liberal media has become the foremost apologist for the Islāmic movement’s war against the world.

I say that because of this list of Islāmic terror attacks – just in the last 30 days – with the numbers of dead and injured that this “religion of peace” has perpetrated. During this time period, the past 30 days, there were 147 Islāmic attacks in 25 countries in which 1,165 people were killed and 3,221 injured.

How many of us thought that the only terror attack that took place in the last 30 days was in Brussels, Belgium? Or maybe we heard about one in Jakarta, but no way did we know that there have been 147 of them, and no way did we know that they happened in 25 different countries, and no way did we know that 1,165 people have been killed, 3,221 injured. So much for the great reporting of our major liberal media! So much for the dedication of CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC to keep its viewers informed.

As for Islam, if THIS doesn’t indicate a war against the world – a global initiative on the part of Islamics to destroy and cause havoc in all countries which do not worship their Allah – then what, exactly do you think Islam is doing?


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