What’s Wrong with the United States of America?

CHEYENNE, WY – 7/2/16: If I were to ask, What is wrong with the United States of America? you’d probably respond that many things are wrong.

I think the most important is this: we are witnessing the unraveling of the very fabric of our country. The secular humanists, atheists, agnostics, satanists, homosexuals, lesbians, transgenderites have won. And, unable or unwilling to stop them, we flee in confusion before their onslaught.

Who is to blame? Look first to our religious leaders. Our priests and ministers, ensconced in their rectories and parsonages, living comfortably on OUR dime, have virtually no understanding of the problems currently facing the world. Victims of Political Correctness and an excess of fear of offending anyone, and perhaps a huge amount of complacency, they have been converted, bought and paid for by those I listed above.

Here’s another cause: our Educational System has been co-opted by the enemy. In that system, those in charge now teach good as evil, evil as good. And many important bodies of knowledge in both World and American History are not taught at all.

Mike Huckabee, Rush Limbaugh and a few other leaders understand and are trying to reverse the trend. Both men have been addressing the problem. Rush, yesterday, posted this: “Top Colleges Don’t Require US History Courses for History Majors. Read it and weep. ‘Few Top Schools Require History Majors to Broadly Study American History.’ A group says that niche classes like Baseball in US history are discussed (instead). This [article] is by Melissa Korn.

‘History majors at top colleges don’t know much about U.S. history – or at least they don’t have to. A new report by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a nonprofit group that advocates for accountability at schools, found that just 23 of the institutions among the 76 deemed to be the ‘best’ by US News & World Report’s 2016 rankings require history majors to take at least one US history course.’ Stop and think of that for a minute. History majors only have to take one course on US history.

‘Now, why would anybody want to study U.S. history? Of course [the way it is written today], all it is is the history of racism, sexism, bigotry and homophobia, syphilis, sexually transmitted diseases, wars, colonialism, pilferage, rape, raving. Why would anybody want to study American history? All we’ve done is come in and displace indigenous peoples and then enslave them and take everything they have and make it ours. There’s nothing redeemable about America.

‘U.S. history, why in the world would anybody even want to study it. Many elite schools, including Rice University and Johns Hopkins University, may require students to take courses about events from before 1750, or on East Asian and sub-Saharan African politics, without also demanding that they study the creation of the US Constitution or the civil-rights movement.

[But] You cannot study history and exclude the history of the United States. It’s worse than our common sense tells us it is. I remember John Silber, Boston University president, once studied 7 different high school textbooks. The largest reference to Abraham Lincoln he found was one paragraph.”

If there is any one reason why our young people do not understand the history of their country, or its accomplishments in the world, or its value to the world, it is because of this. The Public Educational System in this country, and parts of the Private Educational System, too, have been taken over by our nation’s enemies. Both have failed in their responsibility to educate our citizens to what is good about our country.


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