Water in Wyoming

8/3/16 – CHEYENNE, WY – although the Western states are far from an arid wasteland, there’s no denying that water is scarce. As such it is an important resource, depended upon by the Agriculture and Mining industries, as well as the people who reside in cities and towns.

About our water supply? We get water from both surface water and ground water. Surface water is collected from the Douglas Creek Drainage area, located in the Snowy Range Mountains, about 75 miles west of Cheyenne. The water is stored in Rob Roy Reservoir and transported to Granite and Crystal Reservoirs via two water delivery pipelines. Surface water is also collected from the Crow Creek Drainage area located in the Pole Mountain/Vedauwoo Drainage area, about 30 miles west of Cheyenne. Crow Creek water is collected and stored in North Crow Reservoir (North Crow Creek Drainage area), in Granite and Crystal Reservoirs (Middle Crow Creek Drainage area), and South Crow Reservoir (South Crow Creek Drainage area). Water is delivered from these drainage areas to the R. L. Sherard water treatment plant by pipelines.

The City of Cheyenne owns about 35 groundwater wells located west and northwest of Cheyenne. These wells pump water from the Ogallala and White River Aquifers.

Cheyenne also collects surface water in the Little Snake River Drainage area, located about 110 miles west of Cheyenne on the western slope of the Continental Divide. This water is transported through a tunnel and stored in Hog Park Reservoir, located on the eastern slope of the Divide. Water released from Hog Reservoir is traded for surface water from the Douglas Creek Drainage area. Cheyenne is allowed to collect water from this Drainage area and store it in Rob Roy Reservoir for use in the drinking water system.

In view of Islam’s war against the western world, water can and will become a target for their terrorist tactics. That means that we must develop counter terrorist tactics to protect this major resource from attack by those seeking to damage or destroy the United States.


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