Donald Trump Campaigns Hard for Florida’s Electoral Votes!

11/3/16 – CHEYENNE, WY: Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was on stage in Jacksonville Thursday in the quest for Florida’s 29 electoral votes. Trump has surged ahead in Sunshine State polling since the FBI announced it was looking at new emails related to its investigation into Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Trump’s Jacksonville appearance is his fourth in the past two days. He has fielded a heavy rally schedule as he’s been working to capitalize on Clinton’s falling poll numbers. His tremendous energy is in stark contrast to his opponent, whose health has been questioned.

Clinton has been facing fallout since FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congressional leaders Oct. 28 about the discovery of new emails. . . . That bombshell was dropped just 11 days before the Nov. 8 presidential election.

Clinton’s campaign has also been on the defensive as WikiLeaks continues to dump emails; some written by her campaign staffers, some sent to Clinton campaign staffers.

Among the revelations to come out of the WikiLeaks dumps is a $12 million donation from Morocco’s King Mohammed VI to the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons said nothing in the mid-90s when Chinese military intelligence made huge, illegal payouts to the re-election campaign of Bill Clinton. For more details on how the Clinton’s conceived the idea of a so-called charitable foundation in order to avoid prosecution for violation of federal laws, see my book, The China Connection, available from, Barnes & or directly from the author.

As controversy surrounds the Clinton campaign, the Democrat has watched her lead in the polls dwindle. On Friday, October 28th, she led Republican challenger Donald Trump by 4.6 percentage points in national polls, according to Real Clear Politics. By Wednesday, November 2, her lead had dropped to 1.7 percentage points. The number held steady on Thursday morning, but has apparently dwindled further overnight. As of Thursday, Real Clear Politics said Trump was ahead in Florida by 0.7 percent with five days to go.

With only a few days remaining before the election, Donald Trump has scheduled eleven rallies in at least four states across the nation. Crowds at his rallies continue to set records wherever he goes. Let’s hope those numbers translate into votes on election day.


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