Liberalism, Sexual Liberation, Communism, And Progressivism

CHEYENNE, WY: 12/5/16 – Liberalism today has become preoccupied with sex. For them, everything is about sex. For them, sexual activity must be freed from all the traditional restraints previously imposed upon it. Rapes? No problem. Sexual assaults? Nothing wrong there. Nudity in public? No problem. Transgender using bathrooms of the opposite sex? Who cares?

For the Founding Fathers, sex was something that had to be somewhat regulated by government because of its tie to the production and raising of children. So, it’s not difficult to see why there’s been such a dramatic increase in child abuse. Practices such as abortion and homosexual/lesbian conduct, choices which the Supreme Court recently equated with the right “to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning , of the universe, and of the mystery of human life,” are now considered fundamental rights – by liberals.

Is there a connection between sexual liberation and Progressivism? Yes, though it is indirect. The disparagement of nature and the celebration of the human will, the idea that everything in life is created by man’s choice, not by God, nature or necessity, is the one idea which has led to the current liberal view about sex. Once sexual conduct is viewed in this way, it is not hard to see that limiting sexual expression to marriage – i.e. between one man and one woman – where it is clearly connected to nature’s concern for reproduction, can easily be proscribed as a kind of limitation of human liberty.

For those who believe that liberty is license, that self-realization is transmuted into self-expression, all barriers to one’s sexual idiosyncrasies, i.e. all restraints on perverted sex practices of any kind (pedophilia, pederasty, etc.) seem arbitrary and even tyrannical.

Don’t believe me? Well, because of the liberal attitude toward sex, most, if not all restraints on aberrational sexual behavior have fallen away. Even our churches and their leaders seem confused as to what to do about it; some have fallen into the acceptance of homosexual /lesbian behavior. Here in Wyoming? This “relaxed” attitude can be seen by the rise in the rates of sexually transmitted diseases, as infections have become a major public health concern. The Department of Public Health has, just a month ago, reported that the rate of gonorrhea infection was 1.5 times higher in 2015 than in 2014. The rate of chlamydia infection increased by 3%. This year so far, 1,788 cases of chlamydia, 197 gonorrhea cases, 17 HIV cases, and 12 syphilis cases have been identified and reported to the Wyoming Department of Health. And this in a state with just over half a million people, where the murder total for the entire state in 2015 was a staggering 15. Imagine what the stats must be in a state like California or New York, or even Maryland and Pennsylvania, Oregon or Washington State.

I am convinced Progressivism, which developed from about 1880 and lasted until about 1920, when it began to fade, has had, and continues to have a serious, if misguided effect upon our political system, our political thought, our educational system, and our religious or theological processes. So-called Progressives believe that government at every level must be actively involved in our daily lives. They also believe that our Constitution and our Constitutional system is outdated. Hence the evolution of the huge administrative bureaucracy in the Carter, Clinton and Obama Administrations, and the correct suspicion that so-called Progressives are Communists.

It was THAT belief which caused the Progressives of the past to burrow underground and eventually disappear from the public forum although not from private thought, i.e. the literature of Upton Sinclair, the history of Charles Beard, and the educational system of John Dewey, the latter of which has had a death grip on our high schools and colleges for the past seventy-five years.


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