CHEYENNE, WY – 5/4/17 – “Does God Exist?” The answer to that question, and to positions advocated by the religion of Christianity have, for some people, become a provocation; something that makes them angry, something that they think limits them in some way, in their quest for absolute freedom.

Those people have grown accustomed to regarding traditional, time-tested viewpoints and behavior as something to be done away with in favor of cheap trends. Relativism prevails in those circles. What is “relativism?” A worldview that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate standard consists solely of one’s own ego and desires.

I do not know what the Catholic Church – or the Roman Catholic Church – or even the present Pope, Pope Francis believes about this issue. But, I know that Pope Benedict XVI, who retired because of his failing health, believes that relativism is gradually coming to  an end. “A  growing number of people cherish Christianity not only for the liturgy which is displayed by its member denominations, but the resistance it is showing to those with a different, destructive worldview. In short, a transformation of awareness is at last becoming evident. People are beginning again to take Christian witness seriously and to live their religion authentically.”

Is he right? You have only to read the posts of many of the people on this wall to answer that question. But, you might want to read the book,  Benedict XVI: Light of the World. The Pope the Church, and the Signs of the Times. The book, a series of conversation between the Pope and Peter Seewald, with a forward by George Weigel, is an excellant discussion of this and other current issues.

God bless.


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