CHEYENNE, WY; 5/3/17 – Yesterday or today? North Korea attempted to fire a missile from a small submarine, which was stationary, a few feet below the surface. The sub had been operational since 2005. The missile? New. The test failed. It was supposed to be another of North Korea’s warnings to the United States not to take part in naval war games off the coast with its neighbor to the south. North Korea considers these war games as rehearsals for an invasion of its country.

Last week, the United States fired two nuclear missiles from a silo in Montana. The tests were a success. The missiles had more than enough range to reach all of the North     Korean cities, including its ten most populous; its capital, Pyongyang, Hamhung, Wonsan, Kaesong, Chongjin, and several others.

Meanwhile, one of our nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, the USS Carl Vincent, and its strike force of cruisers and destroyers, is participating in the annual tactical games with South Korea’s navy, off the South Korean coast. This annual event is considered as a provocation by North Korea’s government, even though it has been done every year for the past five years or more.

As for the few U.S. citizens  who feel that President Trump’s policies are to blame for this heightened state of anger between the two countries – the snowflakes who worry constantly about everything  the Trump Administration does, both foreign and domestic; the problems between North Korea and the United States go back long before Mr. Trump entered the political scene. They stem from the differences between the North and South on that peninsula over smaller issues; but ultimately to the fact that the North wants to annex the South, just as North Vietnam wanted to annex South Vietnam. What stands in their way? Several divisions of United States troops – some 28,000 soldiers – stationed on the border between the two countries.

My thought? Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader should cease his bellicose complaining. He would have to be nuts to continue his strident language. Threatening military action against a nuclear power when armed with a fly swatter is not too bright; and this man is no dummy.


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