COREY STEWART, (R-VA) for the U.S. Senate.

I received this missive from Corey Stewart, who has had the unmitigated audacity to run against Timothy Michael Kaine (D-Va) for a seat in the Senate of the United States. Kaine is the junior U.S. Senator from that state, and was a staunch supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton during her failed run for the presidency.   Please pardon me for including this plea for funds. But, I think it is vital that a Progressive like Tim Kaine NOT be permitted another term in our Senate.
“The battle for control of Congress is raging on – particularly in the U.S. Senate.
America has a critical opportunity to take out Hillary Clinton lackey Democrat U.S. Senator Tim Kaine in Virginia and that’s why I’ve announced my intention to run the most vicious and ruthless campaign to retire Sen. Tim Kaine from the U.S. Senate.
Many folks are under the impression that Tim Kaine is a mainstream politician. Let me assure you – that characterization could not be more wrong. Senator Tim Kaine is a big-government progressive in the mold of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
Don’t take my word for it – Prominent Democrats know exactly who Tim Kaine is:

“Tim Kaine is a progressive fighter”
— Barack Obama
Tim Kaine “is passionately committed to social justice.”
— Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)
“Tim is a classic social justice progressive.”
— Sen. Al Franken (D-MN)
“Tim Kaine is more progressive than Bernie Sanders.”
— Huffington PostTim Kaine is a far left, liberal progressive, so it’s no surprise Democrats and the Fake News Media are all in for Tim Kaine. We know they’ll pull out all the stops to protect their guy Tim Kaine. We must not let them win and keep their tenuous grip on the Senate.

That’s why I’ve promised to run a vicious and ruthless campaign to Retire Sen. Tim Kaine. My candidacy represents an existential threat to Democrats’ big government plans.

I’m up against the Democrat Machine – Kaine and the Clinton financed D.C. ‘Swamp’, along with the Fake News Media, are fully prepared to spend millions to spread their leftist lies.

But no matter what Kaine and Clinton throw at me, I’ll never back down – the freedoms and prosperity we enjoy are in jeopardy because of the big government policies of liberal Democrats like Tim Kaine.

As the next U.S. Senator from Virginia, I will strive to restore the great American dream you and I know and love. So please make a generous contribution to help me Retire Tim Kaine from the U.S. Senate.

Anthony, allow me a few minutes of your time to explain where I stand on the issues critical to our nation today:

  1. It’s time the politicians in D.C. make good on their promise to fully repeal Obamacare. We have heard this promise for 8 years; it is time for repeal now. My opponent Sen. Tim Kaine is an unrepentant advocate for socialized medicine in America and voted for Obamacare.
  2. Under my Chairmanship of Prince William County, I trimmed spending by more than $143 million. I’ll take the fight from my local community to Washington D.C. in order to shrink government and grow American jobs through the private sector.
  3. I have received national and regional recognition for actions such as implementing the nation’s toughest crackdown on illegal immigration, resulting in Prince William County turning over more than 7,500 criminal illegal immigrants to the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.
  4. As Virginia’s next U.S. Senator, I will stand for our Law Enforcement, Veterans, and blue collar workers by stopping illegal immigration, fully repealing Obamacare, and bringing back American jobs.

I won’t back down or compromise my conservative principles and values. I’m prepared to win this race the old-fashioned way – through pure grassroots power.

In short, with your help, we will Take Back Virginia from the Democrats.
But left-wing dark money groups, the liberal media, and even establishment Republicans are ready to scour my reports looking for any sign of weakness. That’s why I’m reaching out to you today to ask for your support.

So please, follow this secure link to make your most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, or more to help Fire Tim Kaine from the U.S. Senate?

Sen. Kaine and the ex-Clinton staffers running his campaign are hoping to use my reports to prove their narrative that a real conservative change agent can’t win this race.

I need your support to prove them wrong – unlike Sen. Kaine, I don’t have the millions from the Clinton crime family fueling my campaign.

Instead, hard-working Americans like yourself fuel this campaign and are ready to restore liberty and freedom in America.

Whatever amount you can afford to donate, please know I promise to be a good steward of your investment.

It could be no greater honor then to have your support and confidence in becoming the next United Senator from Virginia.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

For America,

Corey Stewart
Republican for U.S. Senate (VA)”

In his new book, BIG AGENDA, David Horowitz adds information to Mr. Stewart’s thoughtful review of his opponent. Here’s what Mr. Horowitz says: “Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, is a former Christie Institute Marxist who supported the communist guerrillas in Central America during the Cold War.”

It is eye-opening and gratifying that the Republican Party has, nationally, brought forward candidates like Corey Stewart, who are willing to run for public office.  I urge you to consider supporting his candidacy with a monetary gift. We cannot afford to have the Senate slip into the hands of the Democrats. On the contrary, Republicans must increase their numbers there if they hope to assist Mr. Trump in putting through his legislative programs.








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