9/8/17: CHEYENNE, WY – Our nation has gone through a long moral darkness – at least eight years of it to be exact – dimming awareness of human dignity and the sacredness of life. If you take into account the long period during which abortion has been legal in this country, it has been even longer.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the recent presidential election had gone the other way, the downward spiral of our culture would have continued and even accelerated.

There is some glimmer of dawn in recent executive nominations by the new President and approvals, where necessary, by the Senate. The new Secretary for Health and Human Services has a one-hundred percent approval rating from the National Pro-Life Committee. The new Attorney General is a protector of religious liberty. And the new Secretary of Defense is a champion of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

So, how did these people gain their respective nominations? Through the team put together by President Donald Trump. THAT should, in and of itself, raise his approval rating in the valid, unbiased polls.

Questions have been raised by progressives, other liberals and Democrats generally about Mr. Trump’s competency. But, they should be put to rest after reading the opinion articles by numerous psychiatrists, including Dr. Keith Ablow, who said: “A man who is not competent to be president will be unable to assemble a team of people like these, who will be capable of selecting excellent nominees for these important leadership positions.”


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