Was the National Day of Prayer Ignored by Pastors and Priests Across the Nation?

CHEYENNE, WY: 9/15/17 – During Mr. Obama’s two terms in office, he never once attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Nor did he ever declare a National Day of Prayer during those entire eight years.

On Friday, September 1st, President Trump named Sunday September 3rd as a National Day of Prayer – not for himself, not for his family, but for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. That hurricane had all but decimated Houston, TX and environs.

As always, I attended church that Sunday morning. I expected to hear an announcement of Mr. Trump’s action and prayers from the altar for this very special intention. What greeted me? Silence. My church, which has no problem supporting illegal immigrants who violate our borders and systemically destroy our sovereignty, and who are changing the demographics of our nation, failed to support a Christian president in a very Christian endeavor – nationwide prayers for people who needed it.

My questions for you? 1) was anything said or done to let people know about this National Day of Prayer at YOUR church? 2) if not, have you asked yourself why not? Better yet, did you go to your pastor or parish priests and ask why they had not  mentioned it?


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