“Open Borders” is a Progressive Fantasy!

CHEYENNE, WY: 9/17/17 – President Trump was right to emphasize the border crisis and the entire illegal immigration problem during his presidential campaign. He was right to declare: “without a border we don’t have a country. And, he was right to promise to “build a wall” and to end illegal immigration. That is a promise he is working to keep, as several different companies are building different types of wall along the border, so we can decide which type of wall is best for the nation.

By contrast, during her campaign Hillary Clinton kept promising to follow and even extend Obama’s immigration policies, including amnesty and to create a path to citizenship rights and privileges for millions of people here illegally.

The extent to which she said she was willing to go? In a speech to Brazilian bankers in May 2013, she revealed that her “dream was to have open borders” for the 600 million inhabitants of the entire western hemisphere.

This is a progressive fantasy. 600 million more people packed into the United States would wreak havoc on the country, chewing up land and resources without limit. Further, this progressive fantasy discounts the achievements that created the United States’ unique success and ignores the vast cultural differences which have made resource-rich countries like Mexico poor and resource-poor countries like Japan prosperous.

It is the culture of the United States that has made it prosperous and great and it is THAT culture upon which progressives have declared war.

And, THAT is a war which we must fight and win!

e a wonderful rest of your Sunday.


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