Introducing Anthony J. Sacco t/a Mutual Investigative Services

4/18/20 . Yes. That’s me. I’ve been a private investigator for twenty-six years, operating under that name.  I’ve worked in Maryland, Wyoming, and now North Carolina. My specialty is finding missing persons, although I do other types of investigative work, such as background checks, surveillances, asset recovery, and service of process. I offer professional, discrete service to my clients.

Many jobs I get as a private  investigator involve finding missing persons. Some of the missing want to be missing; scammers, runaway teens, deadbeat dads, absconding debtors, spouses seeking to start over somewhere else. Others really don’t want to be missing (college roommates, high school sweet hearts, second or third cousins). The good news for someone in my business is that, either way, these people leave trails, whether they know it or not. Wherever they go, whatever they do, it’s like they drop tiny bread crumbs – photos, signatures, registrations – that lead right to them.

The key to finding those crumbs is: 1) knowing where to look, and 2) knowing how to piece them together.  Because I can do that, I can find most anyone. So if you need a competent, experienced private investigator, call me at 828-241-1146, or e-mail me at

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