Review 1: Moberly – Echoes in the Wind

5 out of 5 stars Guy Vitale: A Portrait of a Life, August 11, 2009. By: 
I read this book and loved it! I was not raised with football, and still don’t understand it very well, but I was surprised how the author’s writing style kept me reading and interested.
I DO know and understand baseball, and loved the intrigue of Guy Vitale’s career as he moved from high school (East Boston High) to semi-pro leagues (The Cape Cod League, The Twin States League), and then to a professional league on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (The Eastern Shore League). I wanted to jump into the book and strangle his high school coach! 
Guy’s experiences in the service during World War II and then undercover as a Field Agent with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) left me wanting to learn more about this intriguing person. I hope Sacco has more info on the last part of Vitale’s life and that he will write a sequel!

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